Confessions from People Who Snuck in Marijuana, Alcohol, And Other Substances Into Coachella

This is a list of confessions from people who have been to Coachella in the past few years, and what they did to sneak in marijuana, alcohol and other substances that are banned from the music festival. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cringe, but we've all wondered what people do to get banned items into one of the world's biggest music festivals, and here are their stories! 


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Confession #1

"3 Grams of molly taped to my pubis, worst idea ever. After I snuck it into the campgrounds, I realized nobody cared and just cruised with it in my pocket. I felt really stupid when the guy we paid 5 bucks to give us a ride to the campground entry, was the same exact guy to search through my shit. He looked at me, didn't ask me to empty my pockets, didn't open my bags, just said "have fun" and waved me through. Future note, if all else fails, offer money.

Don't use duct tape near your balls, dangerous." 


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Confession #2

"Walking in on Friday, I had bud and a glass piece. No pat down, they didn't look in my bag, I just told them what was in it. Right after I made it through the camping entrance my glass piece dropped from my pants onto the ground in front of 3 police officers and a few marines. I picked up my piece, slipped off my sandals and walked off on my way..." 


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Confession #3

"When I walked into the campground, I forgot to take out a pair of nail clippers from my toiletry bag. The security guys asked me if I wanted to bring it back to my car or toss it. I chose to bring it back to my car, and when I came back to the camping's security check, the guys didn't look through my stuff again (Barely, at least. They just took a peek inside my backpack and padded down my shorts again.)" 


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Confession #4

"Camping Thursday night, we got stuck in the slowest line and then realized it was because the security lady was being really thorough. I started to get a little worried because we had our stuff pretty well hidden but if she patted down the sides of my suitcase we would have been caught. Right as her hand was hovered over the drugs, the guy next to me got busted with a whole bunch of bags of weed. Apparently my security guard was a supervisor so she turned to the other guards and started giving instructions. I stood there waiting for her to pat me down and she just turned around and said 'you can go.'

So big thanks to dude with all that weed!"


So there you have it! Hopefully, this either inspires you to not bring anything contraband to Coachella, or inspires you with new ideas on how to.