Cards Against Humanity donates $70k to legalization efforts in IL

By Manny C.
Chicago based Cards Against Humanity donates 70k to support end of prohibition.3

Chicago, IL -- What started as a Kickstarter created by eight high school alums has grown into one of the most popular adult games in the world. Cards Against Humanity boasts about its status as being “a party game for horrible people”, and has a massive following of players both offline and online. The Chicago based company has grown since 2010 and it’s success is heavily credited to the creation of new niche based packs that expand on the original card game.


Legalization efforts are growing in the company's home state of IL and across the country

The latest pack from the Chicago based company is the much anticipated “Weed Pack”, which for $5 adds thirty new cards to the original deck and sends profits from the packs purchase to supporting the growing legalization efforts. So far the profits have resulted in over $70,000 in contributions to support the continued efforts of various nonprofits like the Marijuana Policy Project.

Cards Against Humanity - Weed Pack

The Weed Pack also includes in its description a hint that cannabis related topics like the connections between cannabis prohibition and the increasing rates of mass incarceration. Several statements and studies released by various groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) increasing show some strong connections.

Increasing arrest rates, the privatization of prisons, and cannabis prohibition have resulted in disproportionately high amount of profiling and arrests of minorities despite the nearly equal amounts of cannabis use reported by both minorities and caucasians. Which for many activists (like myself) is a major part of why legalization is a growing movement among communities all across America.

Cards Against Humanity - A Party Game for Horrible People

The Chicago based company has become known for its philanthropy prior to the release of the new Weed Pack. Other nonprofit packs that have been featured over the years have raised over $5 million in donations and support for various causes and organizations, including Worldbuilders, the Science Ambassador Scholarship, the Chicago Design Museum, and, and many more.

Legalization is a growing topic in Illinois, after two bills were introduced earlier this year that would have legalized adult use cannabis in the state. Recent surveys have shown figures as high as 67% of the state currently supports adult use cannabis sales, alongside the states growing medical cannabis program which now has over twenty thousand patients. The donation has created increased discussion around legalization in Illinois as voters prepare for the 2018 election season.

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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.