CannaChella: How Coachella and Cannabis Work Together

Coachella is one of the largest music festivals in the world and it's hosted in Indio, California. California has followed suit with several other states in legalizing recreational marijuana. But although, the legalization of recreational marijuana will not be legal in California until January of 2018, Coachella still bans the use of medical marijuana on the premise which has been legal in California for a long time. Many festival attendees are upset at this fact. But there are indeed alternative events that will be happening near the Coachella festival, hosted by influential brands in the cannabis industry. 

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Canndescent Flower Festival Box

Although, marijuana is banned on the premise, there has been a huge surge in the production of flowers and products designed for Coachella specifically. Cannadescent is a Desert Hot Springs cultivation facility. They recently rolled out five strains of marijuana called "Festival Flowers". The first five customers that come into the Desert Hot Springs location and purchase these flowers will also get an opportunity to win a carrying case that can be used to carry pot and can be worn as a fanny pack or purse. The case comes with rolling papers, hemp wick, and matches. Since the majority of concert goer's are millennials (they make up 45% of music festival attendees), there is a huge market to be captured. Other brands are beginning to catch onto this. 

Culinary & Cannabis will be hosting a CannaSpa on Weekend Two of Coachella, at a private resident in Palm Springs. Tamara Anderson who is the owner of Culinary & Cannabis said "We're providing education in a comfortable atmosphere and addressing things that aren't as widely talked about," she said. CannaSpa will be offering chef-approved, cannabis-infused beverages and foods to the guests. 

This makes sense. As the cannabis community becomes larger, there will be more brands out there changing the way that we think about marijuana and the different ways to consume it. And although, cannabis might be illegal at Coachella, there are many other activities to participate in and events to go to.