Cannabis Glamour Shots | A Pure Beauty and David Geeting Collaboration

By Kaitlyn M.
David Geeting and Pure Beauty are changing the way you see weed photographed- by creating cannabis glamour shots.

Photography has been a way for people to express themselves for centuries. From the first picture ever taken “View from the window at Le Gras” to Marilyn Monroe over a steam grate, photography has come a long way. Glamour shots became the most popular in the 1980’s- but now, one photographer is trying to bring them back in a new way.

Bringing Back Glamour Shots?

I know, glamour shots are those cringe-worthy shoots where people wear over the top outfits, big hair, and too much makeup. This also usually includes the subject looking mysteriously into the camera leaving us wondering- what were they thinking?


Now some of them are not all bad, and many people have fond memories of theirs. One thing to be said about glamour photography is that it enhances the subject’s appearance, usually in a fun way. And now there is a photographer looking to do the same thing for weed.

Cannabis Glamour Shots?


No, you’re not reading this wrong- we are talking about glamour shots of marijuana. David Brandon Geeting is challenging the way we look at weed as well as art with his new photo series. Geeting is a New York City-based photographer who has teamed up with Pure Beauty- a Los Angeles based marijuana brand.

Geeting says, “It’s a strange time for cannabis in the USA. Lots of states are legalizing it, but since it’s always been taboo, people aren’t sure exactly how to sell it.” Because of this, Geeting and Irwin Tobias Matutina, the co-founder of Pure Beauty came together to create some spectacular glamour shots featuring weed.

Essentially, Geeting wanted to “create imagery that looks cool when you’re high”. He used different lighting and hues of color to make the weed pop off the screen. The images have an almost psychedelic effect without even smoking anything.

He even incorporated smoke, fire, and water to provide different textures and visual effects. Geeting does admit that he may have used a bit of the cannabis to get the creative juices flowing. “I will say that using the product while shooting the product was a big help”, he admits.

Thoughts on Weed Glamour Shots

As a photographer, I love the creativity of his work. It is very different compared to any other images of weed I have ever seen. And this also goes for everything David Geeting has posted on his personal website.


All I have to say is that they wanted to create artistic glamour shots for weed- they did and they did it well. High or not, these pictures are mesmerizing to look at. From the colors and smoke to the presentation of the bud itself this was a brilliant showcase.

Geeting is right, it currently is a strange time for marijuana. But it is also the beginning of an era where people will be incorporating cannabis into their art to show it in a new light. I personally, am enjoying these beautiful displays of art and want to see more of it in the future.


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