Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

By Andy A.
Can CBD go bad, what are the signs, and ways to prolong its shelf life?

As a daily CBD user, I have many bottles of tinctures and vape juices at my disposal. But that does mean that I don’t use them all up right away. Anyone who has many bottles or who don’t use their CBD oil daily might notice changes in their CBD.

Because many bottles do not have specific expiration dates on them, it can be hard for a CBD oil user to know what’s going on. Has the product gone bad or is it still okay? We are on a mission to find out the truth about CBD oil lifespan and signs to look for.

Can CBD Oil Go Bad?


Has your CBD oil developed a bit of a strange odor? Has it turned a different color or become cloudy? These are signs that your CBD oil is at the end of its life.

Some may last longer than others depending on the ingredients used, the extraction process, or the type of packaging. On average, most CBD oils have a shelf life of 14 to 24 months. But depending on how you take care of them, they might expire faster than you can imagine.

You should always check on the companies website what their recommendations are for storing and using their CBD products are. But here are a few guidelines to follow for your CBD oils.

Does Recrystallization Mean its gone Bad?


Something I have experienced is my CBD oils crystalizing in the bottle. The color of the CBD oil has not changed but there are had crystals on the dropper and in the bottle itself. I was concerned about using it, but when I looked into it, I found its not a problem at all.

My CBD oil was from Koi CBD, one of my favorite products. On their website, it says, “Re-crystallization is normal with CBD products. We recommend shaking the bottle before each use to prevent re-crystallization and to evenly distribute the CBD throughout.”

It seems that this is a normal process that happens with natural CBD products and it can still be used safely.

And according to experts at Liberty CBD, it seems that this is a good problem to have considering it means that you have a high-quality product.

Their website says, “We've spoken to a lot of CBD extractors and specialists, and they all agree on this. The more crystals in the vape cart concentrate, the better actually, when it comes to CBD as it's indicative of high quality. Out in California, this type of distillate is known as "terp sauce" and goes for $100/gram. The good news is that the crystallization does not in any way affect the vape carts' performance.


For the CBD to crystallize out of the oil concentrate, there are two factors that need to be conducive:

(1) Temperature - The melting point for cannabidiol as a chemical compound is around 160 Fahrenheit. Since the potency is too high, the CBD might actually harden or crystallize at temperatures higher than this, which brings us to the next factor.

(2) Concentration - We’ve mentioned it a number of times, but it’s worth reiterating that CBD will tend to solidify at high concentration. The higher the potency, the more likely it’ll crystallize.”

Keep Your CBD Oil in Cool Temperatures

Keeping your CBD oils in a cool, dry, and dark place will make it last longer. Hotter climates or rooms at higher temperatures can actually change the composition of the oil. Heat can cause your oils to turn from clear to a murky substance and have a buttery color.

Depending on the type of CBD oil you get, freezing it might help to keep it from going bad. This might increase the thickness of the oil, but it will still be usable if you need to keep it for a long period of time. Personally, I recommend keeping it in the medicine cabinet or the fridge.

But make sure you avoid places such as window sills, places like your stove, and do not leave it in your car. Places like these will surely cause your CBD oil to go bad very quickly.

Avoid Exposure to the Air


Usually, CBD oils come in airtight containers or droppers as to reduce the exposure to the air. This is due to oxygen being able to change the chemical balance of the CBD oil. The process of oxygen affecting a product like this is known as Oxidative stress.

According to Wikipedia, “Oxidative stress reflects an imbalance between the systemic manifestation of reactive oxygen species and a biological system's ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage.”

This process takes a bit of time, but its still good to note to keep those bottles sealed tightly. But depending on the extraction process the company used, fatty acids might be present which will cause this process to happen quicker than usual. That’s why it's important to buy from a company that uses CO2 extraction.

Obviously, CBD oil can easily go bad or lose its potency if you’re not careful. If you are ever unsure if your CBD is going bad, reference this article to make sure it's safe to use. If you keep up on it, you’ll be able to keep your CBD safe and keep it around for as long as possible.

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