Britain's Underground Cannabis Cafe Culture

By Kaitlyn M.
Everyone has a secret, some are bigger than others. Come discover Britain's underground cannabis cafe culture that is creating a movement.

Everyone has heard of ‘The Great Gatsby’. The roaring 20’s and the alcohol prohibition. People would party and drink in secret, attempting to start a revolution. And they did start a revolution, a way of life even. And that’s exactly what Britain’s youth is doing today. Say hello to the underground cannabis café culture.

Photo by Bared Volsca on Unsplash

Cannabis Cafes

Picture this with me. You're walking down a street in Britain, passed the retail shops and restaurants. Have you ever thought of whats below that? A door where security is watching you as you ring the doorbell. They let you in, check your ID, and write down your name and information to keep tabs on whos there. Once you're in, you will be happy you went. There will be young adults alike relaxing on benches, playing video games, chatting away- and smoking weed. This is the world of the underground cannabis cafes. The place where you can have a great time, buy some weed, and smoke as you please. This is nothing new, secret establishments where people can purchase cannabis and smoke it are all over. The idea of going against the grain and fighting for what you believe in is a human instinct. Just like the people living in the roaring 20’s who were fighting against the alcohol prohibition, the people in these cafes are fighting for marijuana legalization.

Whats the Attraction?

Besides the initial reason for freedom draws patrons in, what is so great about these underground cannabis cafes? Reporters from Independent News  [] spoke with a few of the patrons of an underground cannabis café in London. One of them said “I drop into the café occasionally because it’s way safer than picking up off the street for many reasons. Usually, street dealers overcharge.”

“Even with someone good you can’t be guaranteed you’ll get the good stuff,” he adds. “I find a lot of them give you good, high-quality bags when you haven’t bought in a while, then they give you crap after that. Here sometimes you’re given a big discount for being a regular customer. Plus, a bottle of beer is £2. You can’t go wrong.”

Will they Always be Secret?

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

The hope is that someday soon, the underground cannabis cafes will no longer need to be ‘underground’. More than likely, this will actually become a reality. Thought on cannabis has been changing worldwide. Many states in America have been legalizing medical marijuana, and it's only a matter of time before it is legalized everywhere. Recently, the NHS (National Health Service) for the first-time prescribed cannabis oil to a boy suffering from over 100 epileptic fits each day. This shows that even big organizations are growing to show some love for all of our favorite plant.

Prohibitionist has been fighting for what they believe in for centuries. Many don’t get the message across that they want everyone to understand. However, the times are changing. Soon you might start seeing cannabis cafes on the streets mixed in with retail stores and restaurants, instead of as a secret society hidden underground below them.

About the author: Kaitlyn M.

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