Boundless Technology CFC Lite Reviews

By Joseph G.
Delivering big performance in a super small package, the CFC Lite by Boundless Technology is one of the easiest high-caliber dry herb vaporizers to transport, maintain and afford.

Boundless Technology CFC Lite Reviews

The CFC Lite by Boundless Technology, is a dry herb vaporizer, which seems to be the most challenging form of the vaporizer to miniaturize due to needing enough space in the bowl to thoroughly heat the dry contents.

The CFC Lite not only doesn’t sacrifice performance to be much smaller in size than its namesake, which is the dry herb vaporizer known as the CF, but it also goes even further than that by one-upping its daddy with a removable 18350 800mAh battery.


So, what we have here is a miniaturized version of a flagship product that doesn’t sacrifice performance AND has features not found in vaporizers above its class?

I kid you not, the CFC Lite is the real deal MVP of compact and affordable dry herb vaporizers in today’s market.

The CFC Lite’s ability to perform as well as its bigger family members owe itself to the inclusion of the same method heat transfer (conduction) and being made of the same food- and medical-grade materials, including a ceramic bowl, for the smoothest and cleanest taste possible.

This, combined with the device’s affordability, portability, easy maintenance and unmistakably attractive Boundless Technology design aesthetic, makes the CFC Lite this season’s champion of affordable premium compact dry herb vaporizers.

Boundless Technology Company Profile

A company established with the intention of introducing unique and high-quality vaporizers that provide high value without breaking the bank, Boundless Technology has quickly grown into a company that offers a range of dry herb, concentrate and wax vaporizers that deliver great performance.

Browsing the company’s website reveals a solid number of attractive devices for sale despite the fact that Boundless Technology was only established in 2016, according to its own brand bio.

Boundless Technology’s product lineup is not only unique but very stylish, with all devices sharing a noticeably similar design aesthetic, including beautiful wavy groove designs that uniquely contour each individual device’s body.

CFC LITE Package

The devices designed by Boundless Technology may all share similar looks, but with each one having its own unique offering and rightful place in the lineup, the result is a varied and versatile vaporizer selection.

In the CF lineup of dry herb vaporizers, for example, you will find there is a version of the CF to fit all needs and budgets, from the compact and affordable CF Lite to the original CF that inspired it all and the CFX, the most feature-rich CF device available.

The company also offers a variety of accessories for its devices and every product purchased comes with a limited three-year warranty.

The CFC Lite by Boundless Technology and more can be purchased at the company’s web store located at

CFC Lite Review

The CFC Lite comes in a black and white box that has a window to the treasure inside, which is a tiny black dry herb vaporizer that is slightly bigger than the palm of my hand.

The contours of the signature Boundless design aesthetic adorn the front and back of the device, with the ridges serving double as a way to firmly grip the CFC Lite while in use.


Also included in the box is the fun-sized 18350 800mAh battery, a user manual and a box containing replacement screens, a cleaning kit, and a micro USB cable.

The CFC Lite weighs (drumroll please) very lightly in the hand and is slightly bottom-heavy with the battery installed making it possible to conveniently stand the device upright while loading the bowl.

After charging the device for less than an hour I ground up my buds to a medium consistency and loaded up the white colored ceramic bowl (which can hold up to .4 grams of material) about 3/4 of the way.

CFC LITE Chamber

The CFC Lite is simple to function, needing only a single button to operate everything from turning the device on to changing the temperature setting.

The button is also color-coded, flashing blue at 385F, green at 403F and red at 421F, with switching between the settings requiring a 3-second press.

I pressed the power button five times and was pleasantly surprised by the device vibrating as it turned on and then again a few seconds later to signal that it was ready to start vaping.

CFC LITE Accessories

The temperature setting was at 421F when I first turned it on, which was perfect as I could vape right away and mess around with the settings later.

The vapor itself is very tasty, clean and smooth, and each session lasts 5-6 hits from my use. The device never gets too hot to handle and that goes for the mouthpiece as well.

I was able to get 4-5 sessions from a single charge, and one of the best things about the CFC Lite is that once the battery no longer holds charges it can easily be replaced, which gives this device a potentially very long lifespan.


The affordability of the CFC Lite makes getting one of these beautiful premium portable dry herb vaporizers a no-brainer decision.

This thing is awesome. 

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 5/5

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