Black Friday Sales for Weed

By Kaitlyn M.
Now you can get awesome deals on weed this Black Friday

Recreational marijuana has been legally sold in seven states and the District of Columbia in the U.S. With recreational sales comes great opportunities to slash prices for dispensaries like every other corporation this holiday season. Yes, I am talking about weed being sold at a major discount for Black Friday.


What Is Happening?

There are over 40 dispensaries in the Las Vegas area who are giving out discounts for Black Friday. They are doing discounts on bud, edibles, and concentrates. Some are even handing out free products.

Some dispensaries are handing out free joints to the first several hundred customers when they make a purchase. There are also discounts on popular strains for each dispensary. These promotions will undoubtedly have lines down the street just like the big companies on Thanksgiving night.

This is the first year that dispensaries are able to legally participate in the Black Friday discounts. Weed dispensaries have basically had their own holiday which is April 20th (420).  But now it can be a participant in the craziness of the lines and the holiday buzz.

The sales of marijuana have been going crazy since it has been properly legalized. The State of Nevada said that the first month of legal marijuana sales brought in $3.68 million in tax revenue. Projections show the next two years of weed sales will bring in about $120 million.

More About Black Friday Weed Sales

There are many people who are loving these numbers – one of them being the states senator Tick Segerblom. He says “It’s a great stocking-stuffer, and now you can treat it like alcohol in that regard. As long as no kids can get to it. It’s for adults only.”

Having the chance to promote Black Friday sales allows for more acceptance than ever before. The president of the Nevada Dispensary Association Andrew Jolley loves that that weed is becoming a part of “normal” traditions. He said, “Cannabis use has been misunderstood and vilified in our country for over 80 years, so this day will feel both surreal and celebratory.”

I think it is pretty cool that cannabis is getting its own spot in the Black Friday shopping tradition. Personally, I never participate in Black Friday- shopping in a hoard of people is not my thing. However, since getting discounts on cannabis on the day after Thanksgiving is a new concept it seems kind of fun.

While there are not many states who can join in on the discount extravaganza, everyone is hopeful that will change. Just like Andrew Jolley stated, marijuana use and sales have been vilified for a very long time. For those who have been fighting to change that this is a big deal.

Being able to advertise Black Friday sales proves that the world is changing for the better. Weed is starting to become a staple in the holiday season. We are able to purchase it on Black Friday, make Thanksgiving weed infusions, and even buy weed advent calendars.

No matter your feelings of cannabis, it is “weeding” its way into our traditions.

About the author: Kaitlyn M.

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