Bill Nye Buys Weed for Netflix?

By Kaitlyn M.
Is Bill Nye making waves on Netflix... for buying weed?

Bill Nye has recently been in the news because of his opinions of weed. Now he is back and has everyone shocked. That is because Bill Nye was spotted buying weed.

What Happened?

Okay, if you are picturing Bill Nye buying some bud and getting high at a party, you are getting the wrong idea. He was actually learning about marijuana in his Netflix series "Bill Nye Saves the World". This will be in episode 1 season 2 of the show.


Bill Nye goes to a local dispensary in Hollywood where he learns all about weed culture, and he does actually buy some bud himself. Nye discusses with CNET that he was able to get a license for marijuana online without visiting a doctor.

He then stated he purchased it and gave it to the prop department. “I'm not crazy about the smell” he comments. When asked if we would see him high this episode, his answer was immediate.

“No. In fact, you will see me play ultimate frisbee with teammates who are high, that was our agreement.” He was also asked if he had opinions on weed and if doing this episode has changed anything for him. “It refined my attitude,” he says. “Nobody’s really sure how it works- marijuana, no one is really sure what it does.”

“So there is a very strong argument that keeping it as a schedule I substance is not based on any science. The upshot of the show is nobody is sure of how it works so we’ve got to study marijuana more and find out the active ingredients are”.

“Bill Nye Saves the World” is an Emmy nominated series that started in April that has blown everyone away. They have discussed everything from cybersecurity to time travel and are trying to see everything (even weed) from a different point of view. “I’m really proud of it,” he says about the show.

While many of the topics that are discussed are controversial or even dark, that is the point. If you do not discuss these topics, they can get worse. “You’ve got to think you can save the world or you won’t,” says Nye.

How Can This Save the World?

It is interesting to see someone that I grew up learning from continue to teach people, but not just about black holes. Bill Nye is attempting to push boundaries so that people understand more and we can make educated decisions in every aspect of our lives. I am a habitual Netflix binger.

While this usually is not the best thing, I will definitely be binge-watching Bill Nye Saves the World. And I agree with Nye, that it is better for everyone to understand weed more. It is classified as a schedule I, which most would agree that it shouldn’t be.

If everyone backs this point of view and the evidence that the show provides, that might help to get rid of this classification. So lets binge watch and save the world together.


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