Are CBD Products Really Helping You?

By Kaitlyn M.
CBD products are all the rage to help with pain. But are they actually helping you?

Cannabidiol has helped many people overcome aches, pains, and even disorders. Products that have the right level of CBD can change your life for the better without getting high. Although some people are starting to question if CBD products are as strong as they need to be.


Whats Going On?

There was recently a study done by the University of Pennsylvania to see the levels of CBD in different products. They tested 84 cannabidiol products from 31 companies.  What they found was shocking. Apparently, less than a third were properly labeled.

About 43 percent of the products were purchased online and were mostly oils, tinctures, and vaping liquid. These products sadly contained significantly less cannabidiol that was what stated on their labels. The percentage of cannabidiol was so low, that they were not strong enough to help the users with any pains they suffer from.

Even more unsettling, this study showed that 21 percent of the products also contained THC- the compound found in weed that creates the high.

The researchers from the University of Pennsylvania stated that “the THC content observed may be sufficient to produce intoxication or impairment, especially among children.” This is exactly why people need to be careful when testing products of any kind that contains CBD.

Why Is This Happening?

Marcel Bonn-Miller, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, said, “As there is currently no systematic oversight of this industry from the FDA, it means that it is up to the consumer to test their products to assure that they know what is in their medicine.”

Basically, he is saying that lack of testing for CBD and THC products create this type of situation. Unfortunately, we currently live in a world where we cannot be sure about the amount of cannabidiol are in the products we use. As consumers, we need to be careful when initially testing out products - especially if we are providing them to children.

Twenty-nine states allow people to use medical marijuana and only eight states allow recreational marijuana to be used. The researchers leading this study blame the mislabeling of these products to dispensaries as well as the lack of regulation done by the government.

Purchasing anything online has become a staple in the modern world. While it can be extremely convenient, there are many stories about people not getting exactly what they thought they were buying. And while this can provide entertainment for the internet, buying CBD or THC products that are mislabeled is expensive and cause an issue that may not be safe for certain people like children.

We need to have better testing for every CBD and THC selling company so that mislabeling will no longer be an issue. Even when you put to the side that this could cause problematic effects, people are having to purchase products that they do not know what is in them and if the product will even help. This is wrong and needs to stop, now.


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