Anthony Bourdain: Part Unknown about his financial life (and yes, he loves weed)

At Slyng, we love Anthony Bourdain and his shows.  He's the guy we can all identify with: work hard, play hard, rebelious and yet sensitive to the surrounding world.  And he loves weed.  In fact, he's been on the forefront more times than people would think, even recently get featured on Culture Magazine, a pretty popular cannabis/lifestyle magazine in California.

Recently he shared on about his early life, before all the fames and all the money, and it's a fascinating read.  "I didn’t put anything aside, ever. Money came in, money went out. I was always a paycheck behind, at least."  Sounds like the average American who always tries to make ends meet.  For Mr. Bourdan, weed has always been a big part of his life, and how he can see life under a different lens.  

"Weed was a major expense. Before I reached the point where weed made me paranoid and agoraphobic, it was costing me a few hundred dollars a week. Looking back, the fact that I'd been smoking weed heavily since I was 14 might have had something to do with my relative lack of ambition. Just saying."

So it's hard not argue that without weed, there wouldn't be an Anthony Bourdan that we all love.  You can read the rest of the article here.

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