A New Trend Has Started at Weddings

By Kaitlyn M.
When you imagine a wedding, you don't normally think about weed. Well, times are changing and modern weddings are adding cannabis in fun and interesting ways.

The cannabis culture has been trending everywhere across the United States. Now that marijuana for recreational use has been legalized in several states, everyone is taking a toke. Weddings are usually a time for following traditions and many people frown upon people who choose to do something unique and different. However, it is becoming more and more popular to have marijuana at weddings for recreational use.

What is the Trend?

A bride smoking at the reception

There are many couples who love the cannabis culture and want to incorporate it somehow into their weddings. There have been couples who infuse desserts, drinks, and main dishes with weed to make everything fun and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Some will take it a step further and incorporate the weed aesthetic into their wedding theme. Whether it is in colors or using the pot leaf throughout the wedding, it is interesting and ties everything together. There is actually a way to take your cannabis themed wedding to another ‘high’.

The Cannabar

A new trend has started where people remove the open bar for liquor and replace it with an open bar for marijuana. It’s called ‘The Cannabar’ where guests can sample different types of cannabis. ‘Budtenders’ will be there to give information on the different types of bud and will roll a joint for new smokers if they need help. What makes the cannabar so special is that it is similar to an open bar with liquor which has been a staple at many weddings for years, but modernized for what people in today’s society want to relax and have fun.

Weed Wedding Attire

weed wedding attire

There are even couples who love smoking so much that they have to be wearing some bud on their big day. Weed wedding attire is a pretty cool trend and is for the unique couple to stand out. It’s not just a crazy trend though, it can be done fairly classy and some may not even notice.Boutonnieres made with a cannabis leaf with a nug and a flower to make it look elegant and fun. Adding a pot leaf to the votives centered on the table, or added to the grooms top hat if it’s a formal wedding. A really innovative way to incorporate marijuana into your wedding is adding nugs into the bouquet! It looks beautifully mixed in with flowers and baby’s breath. It’s a subtle way to add weed into your wedding where people may not notice unless they are up close, but its all in the details!  

Is This Really Popular?

While the majority of weddings are still holding up regular traditions, the percentage of couples who want to have weed incorporated into their weddings is on the rise. The cannabis culture has been increasing as legalization has been coming to more and more states. People have even created Pinterest pages that envision classy cannabis wedding ideas. Trends come and go, but weed is one that will always stay. As legalization becomes more prominent so will things like the cannabar and weed bouquets.  

About the author: Kaitlyn M.

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