710: The New 420

We've all heard 420 before, and the many elusive stories behind it. But cannabis users are now referring to 710 as the new 420, a new stoner holiday! But if you've never seen 710 before, then here's a brief recap of how July 10th became the official stoner dab holiday. 


What is 710? 

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710 is the stoner's celebration of concentrates, whereas 420 references all forms of marijuana. But where did this majestic number come from and why did it get picked? It's because if you turn 710 upside down, it'll appear as "OIL" which is a term often used to when referring to marijuana concentrates such as hash, dabs, wax, shatter, budder, etc. 


Who Invented 710? 

Like most things, it's hard to prove who invented what. Especially, in terms of a term. Many have claimed that they have coined 710, but there is absolutely no way to prove this. Thus, we will leave it as that. We know that somewhere, somehow someone thought to flip oil upside down, and used the term 710 to refer to it, and it stuck! 


What are dabs?

Dabs are high-grade and highly concentrated doses of cannabis. They are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using several extraction techniques but usually involving butane. This results in different textures of smokable dabs including: shatter, budder, butane hash oil, and wax. Because dabs have an extremely high level of THC (commonly between 50-80% THC), they are known to give incredible "super-highs" really fast, one that would be impossible through regular consumption methods of marijuana, like a bong or pipe. 


The day July 10th is now a day to commemorate the use of marijuana concentrates, and now that you know the history behind it, you're ready to celebrate!