7 Fun Things to do When You’re High

By Andy A.
Sometimes when you're high you want to go the extra mile. Here are 7 things to do when you're high.

Getting high is one of the best past times out there. But for most of us, we end up watching tv or listening to music which can get a little old. That’s why here at Slyng, we want to keep your nights interesting.

We have put together a list of the most fun things to do while getting stoned.

Create Art


When you are high, the creative side of your brain is ready to come out- so why not let it? Especially if you are normally a creative person, you might find that some of the most interesting things will be created in your stoned state. Whether it is painting, sculpting, drawing, writing, or even music, just let it flow.

Many musicians and artists use cannabis to alter their mind to bring something new to the table. It’s a well-known tactic that can also be extremely fun. And if you’re new to the art scene, give it a real shot.

You might find something that you’ll enjoy for years to come especially when you light up.

Explore your Kitchen


Just like creating a form of art, cooking needs passion and works the creative side of your brain. How do you think things like mac and cheeseburgers or pickles and ice cream have come to fruition? Chefs all over the world love to experiment and this is especially true when they hit a bong.

You can create amazing things with simple ingredients that you already have. But if you're looking to get fancy, you could follow along with shows such as Cooking on High on Netflix. You will be able to laugh at the corny jokes and learn some interesting dishes to cook with cannabutter.  

No matter what you choose to make, cooking is a great way to spend the next few hours while you're high as a kite.

Go to a Museum

The History of Cannabis Museum

Whether you are on your own or in a group you can make going to a museum a lot of fun. You can find museums that are filled with art, ones that are natural history, or even interactive museums. Passing a blunt around your group before heading to contemplate the works of Leonardo Di Vinci is quite an outing.

If you are really wanting to talk about cannabis and being high, you can visit such exhibits such as The History of Cannabis Museum. You will learn everything about marijuana from its inception to the way it has affected culture in today's society. Get ready to be high and expand your mind.

Puff Pass and Paint Class

Paint and Smoke

Taking an art class with friends can be a really fun experience. Doing that class while high is even better. Thanks to places like Puff Pass and Paint, you can have the time of your life. It’s the first cannabis-friendly all-inclusive art class that will have you ready to create something special.

Their website says, “Join Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes and her crew for a casual and creative 2-hour smoking session, while you follow along with her step-by-step instructions to create your own mind-altered masterpiece (or get inspired and completely follow your own whims - up to you!).”

It's such a unique class that even your mom would love to try!

Go on a Hike


There is honestly nothing like getting high and being one with nature. That’s why one of the most fun things to do is going on a hike after (or during) a nice hike. You can go it alone or bring a group of friends with you but no matter what you have to have a good time.

Going on an adventure will brighten your spirits, challenge what you know about your surroundings, and give you a good story. Just make sure you stay safe if you’re alone and let someone know where you are and bring essential supplies such as food or first aid kit if you’re going on a longer trip.

Have Deep Conversations

That 70s Show

One of the best things to do when you’re getting high is to have intense or deep conversations with friends or even strangers. How does the universe work? Why is blue called blue?

Why do you smile when you’re happy? Questions like these are fascinating to learn about and can really bring you closer to your friend as you explore the weirdness of the world we live in. This is also a fun way to get to know someone.

Talk about their likes, dislikes, and even their deepest desires and you will find out things you wouldn’t imagine.

Play Board Games

Monopoly Board Game

You don’t always have to leave the house if you don’t want to watch tv. Some people may not be comfortable going places while high so playing board games is a great way to have some fun and interact with your friends. You can incorporate a healthy dose of competition into your smoke session and create some awesome memories.

Whether its Cards Against Humanity or Monopoly you’ll be able to smoke and laugh the entire night. If you love creating interesting realities you can even play something such as Dungeons and Dragons which will take you to some weird places.

That is our list for the top fun things to do while you’re getting stoned. You can do these in a group or on your own and have a blast. But no matter what, you have to get higher than ever and laugh all night long.


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About the author: Andy A.

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