6 Unknown Facts about Marijuana

Here are some little known facts about MJ!

#1 Marijuana is NOT Hemp!

Cannabis and Hemp side by side

Though both Maryjane and hemp are weeds, have a relative leaf shape, and are subspecies of the Cannabis sativa plant, they are in truth through and through various. Cannabis has blooming buds with a high substance of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) the stuff that makes you feel "high". Hemp, on the other hand, has a low THC content, can be turned out to be immovably together, and it can be used to make a variety of accommodating things.


#2 It Used to Be Patriotic to Grow Hemp

Growing Hemp was once seen as a patriotic duty.

While America was still only 13 states, a 1619 law REQUIRED ranchers to develop it. Hemp was utilized to make rope, attire, and sails. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson claimed hemp ranches, and Jefferson composed a draft of the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. Additionally, shouldn't something be said about the banner Betsy Ross sewed? You got it: made of hemp.


#3 The US Government Used It to Fight The Nazis

Hemp was important to America's victory in WW2

Amid the tallness of World War II, the US created a film entitled "Hemp for Victory" adulating the many employments of hemp, and urging agriculturists to develop it to help with the war exertion. The presence of the film was denied by the Government for a long time until 1989, when weed advocate Jack Herrer gave a VHS duplicate to the Library of Congress. It is currently in the Public Domain, and can be seen on YouTube – watch beneath!


#4 Medical Marijuana Has Been Around for Thousands of Years

The use of Cannabis goes back thousands of years, in areas like Asia

In Ancient China, the plant, known as Ma, was utilized for sustenance, fuel, dress, and medication backpedaling to 6,000 B.C. In any case, the most established existing reference to medicinal weed dates to 2737 B.C. at the point when the Red Emperor Shen Nung is credited with composing The Herbal, a posting of restorative properties of different herbs, including Ma, to lighten ailment and gout torment.


#5 Marijuana is GOOD for your lungs!

It's not dangerous like tobacco and additives

It's hard to believe, but it's true, a current investigation of 5,000 pot smokers by UCSF demonstrated that the individuals who just smoke a couple of joints seven days really had more grounded lung limit and outer blowing power than non-clients. UCLA paper additionally demonstrates that cannabis smoke may really PREVENT lung disease. Not at all like tobacco, which contains nicotine and is a known carcinogen, cannabis contains cannabinoids and THC, which appear to dishearten malignancy. Place that in your pipe and smoke it.


#6 The Indian Government Declared Marijuana Harmless in 1894

19th Century Indian literature about cannabis

While use of cannabis was fundamentally remedial in Ancient China, over in India they seized the opportunity to party with it. It was an ordinary substance, used as a piece of religious administrations and to empower people to unwind. It was often ingested as a drink, flooded with nuts and deplete called Bhang. It made people energetic, to such a degree, to the point that the British Colonial Government was concerned it might be making the masses insane. They dispatched an examination and issued a report entitled The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report of 1894. It contemplated that standard utilize was harmless, and additionally that a disallowance on it might truly show more ominous.