5 Cheesy CannaChristmas Gifts For the Quirky Stoner

By Amelia B.
The holidays are undeniably upon us, whether we like it or not. While for some, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year, others are just trying to grin and bear it until they pass. The key here is to know which type of stoner you are buying for. If you happen to know a toker who has an affinity for the bizarre, this article is for you.

We strive to be inclusive here at Slyng. We’ve put out a CannaHoliday article with ideas for observers of Hanakkah and Kwanzaa as well as the pot abstainer and non-religious feminist. This article focuses on that monstrosity of a holiday that leaves us all reeling from the sheer mania of it: Christmas.

Here are the best quirky Christmas gifts for the black sheep on your holiday shopping list.

1. Clever Sweater

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The clever pun t-shirt business is currently enjoying its heyday, with more success than ever before in history. The Ugly Christmas Sweater, though she may be growing a bit weary, remains a huge seller.

While there are many Christmas Stoner puns to choose from, we’ve found this gingerbread man hoping to get lit really embodies the Christmas stoner pun spirit. Get one for $35.99 from JackPotTees on Etsy.

As with most Christmas-themed gifts, you may want to give this ahead of the big day so your pal can wear it to holiday gatherings. Otherwise, we all know it will get shoved in a box for next year and then never seen again.

2. Gold Flower Pendant

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So this one, though CannaChristmas themed, could also be considered almost elegant. If you have a good friend or romantic interest who would consider this sort of obscure, understated-yet-classy pun right up her alley, this is a fantastic find.

Made from 14-carat gold, this pendant features an actual Christmas Tree-shaped cannabis bud immortalized in jewelry grade resin. This beauty can be found for just $58 on Etsy.

Hybrid Moment Designs has really gone the extra mile to put a personal touch on this item. A handmade treasure that can be made with a sativa strain, indica strain, or a hybrid will impress any stoner. They even recommend messaging the company in advance to check about getting your loved one’s favorite strain, meaning you could get a purple kush bud for your girlfriend.

On the site, it says that these pendants were created to “help break the stigma attached to one of our Earth’s own creations, “ and “to  show how beautiful this flower really is.” Well done, Hybrid Moment Designs.

3. The Wake-and-Bake Mug-and-Pipe Combo

Inked Shop
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We all have at least one friend who blazes up first thing in the morning with their cuppa joe. We try not to resent him.  While the rest of us can only dream of such a zen existence on this Earth.

This gift is perfect for the luckier among us if you can manage to gift it without being bitter your life didn’t turn out so well.

We found this gem on Inked Shop for just $14.95, which seems like a steal sure to fit even the tightest budget.

4. DIY a Stash Box


This is another great idea if you are running short on cash but want a loved one to know you care. You can buy one in unfinished wood to decorate as pictured here, or if you’re trying to achieve maximum character while spending the least amount of money, repurposing is a great idea.

We recommend you spend some time perusing your local thrift shop or flea market, finding a hideous box of the right shape and size, and making it into something truly spectacular.

The possibilities are really endless here. If you’re of the artistic persuasion, paint a one of a kind design with acrylic paints. If you happen to have taken a lot of pictures together, mod-podging a photo collage may be the way to go.

You can always sift through an old pot magazine and mod-podge collage the way, or buy letters for their name,  jewels, and glitter and bedazzle your bud’s stash box. If you need examples, Pinterest is ripe with design inspiration and step by step tutorials.


A great idea to finish off your stash box since you'll likely have leftover craft materials, is to fill it with bedazzled or personalized lighters (buy sequins and jewels or paint on them with nail polish). If you have the budget, adding some actual pot to this gift would be an extra special touch. 

5. Cannabis-Themed Ornament


A quick google search will confirm there is a wide range of cannabis-themed ornaments to choose from, ranging from the truly gaudy to understated, like this unobtrusive snowflake. We found this one by Kimotion Arts for just $10.50, which tends to be the perfect amount for a coworker or beloved acquaintance who may or may not have gotten you something in return. At this price-point, they won't feel so bad if they didn't. 

A gift like this also pairs well with just about anything else, and can even be used as part of the main package’s decoration, if you’re into making a spectacle of wrapping presents.

If your pot-loving pal is also politically liberal, which is likely, it serves as a double-pun. Simply write, “To my favorite liberal hippie snowflake,” and you’ll either get a heartfelt laugh or a swift punch in the gut. Either way, it will be a genuine reaction.


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About the author: Amelia B.

Amelia B is a wife, a preschool teacher, and a mother of two young children. She enjoys camping, hiking, cooking, reading, traveling, listening to live local music, refurbishing furniture, and creating works of art.