5 Cannabis Facts To Blow Your Friends Minds At Your Next Dinner Party

By Manny C.
Whether you're having a simple smoke sesh or a lively dinner party, here are 5 facts to impress your friends

5 - Eating raw cannabis (or its seeds)won’t get you high

Cannabis Seeds

Ok so we’ve all heard a story or seen an episode of COPS where someone is caught with weed and they decide to eat their stash, and in most stories the person gets sick or has to be hospitalized. But what if I told you that this was just a myth? That you can’t get high (let alone overdose) from eating raw cannabis? Well, it’s true, and it’s because of a process called “decarboxylation”. Basically this means that in order for you to feel the psycho effective impacts of cannabis a little science ahs to happen. Most forms of raw cannabis have high levels of THC-A which does not affect a person the same way as delta-9THC, but when heated (combusted, vaped, extracted, etc) all of that sweet THC-A is converted into delta9-THC. Boom! Science!


4. The cannabis prohibition actually started in 1937, not in the 1970’s

Samuel Caldwell was the first cannabis arrest in america he was given 4 years for 2 joints

In the 1970’s Nixon launched the infamous War on Drugs, which has since failed miserably. But this wasn’t the first time that cannabis consumption was prohibited, or the second even! The first prohibition happened in 1937 when the Marihuana Stamp Act was put into law under the newly instated Drug Czar of the FBN, Henry Anslinger.


3. Yes, this is the “technically” second prohibition of cannabis.

After the Stamp Act of 1937, America actually double backed on these laws as we entered WW2. FDR even released a massive propaganda campaign encouraging people to resume growing hemp. The video “Hemp for Victory” emphasized the importance and versatility of industrial hemp and the role it played in supporting America and American laborers and soldiers on their way to victory over the axis of evil! The laws were put back into place shortly after we won the war, sadly.


2. The oldest evidence of cannabis cultivation is CRAZY old

Ancient pottery with cordage impressions

How old, you ask? Only 30,000 years! Impressions and minute fragments of cordage that was determine to be made from hemp were discovered in 1997 in an area that is the modern day Czech Republic. This evidence is some of the oldest found in the history of cannabis and shows that the versatile plant has been a part of human cultivation and agriculture for nearly 30,000 years. Researchers believe this cordage was used to carry items such as pottery, and possibly even used for early fishing and hunting traps.


1. The Scyths were cray cray

Artifact from Scythian burial mound

There’s one culture that very people have talked about, at least from my personal experience in the cannabis industry and as an activist, and that is the Scythians. These people were known for smoking opium and starting bastards wars, and even had their own cult of the dead! The Scythian cult of the dead used cannabis plants and parts in their burial rituals, which often included burning parts of the plants in golden cup and bowl like vessels. In 2013, a research team uncovered such artifacts in the Scythian burial mounds. The resin was tested by a lab and the results showed a combination of cannabis and opium resin from over 10,000 years ago!

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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.