3 Tips for A Massive Weed Harvest in 2018

By Aaron M.
How to produce bigger and better yields. Who doesn’t want to cultivate bigger and better buds? It doesn’t matter if you a commercial producer or a backyard beginner, we’ve got advice to help your weed harvest this year. In this article, we’re going to share with you 3 tips on how to produce massive marijuana yields in 2018.

Tip #1 Top Your Plants


In the first stages of life for a young clone or cannabis seed plant, there is just one shoot and a few leaves that make its top. Once the marijuana plant has grown a few sets of leaves, you can begin to pinch or clip the new growth at nodal points.

When you don’t clip this new growth, your plant will still grow just fine. However, you’ll get one tall cola, or top, and not much else. However, if you top your plants they’re going to grow four times as many tops. That means four times as much sticky gold.

Use sanitized scissors or a razor so you don’t damage the young plants. At the top node, when new growth appears, cut it close to the node, without damaging it. Now, two new tops will grow from the node.

Do this frequently and often. Try not to do it too early or too late in the game. Also, topping too much will make too many lanky branches. Use your intuition and you should be golden.

2. Pruning


Plants grow, and grow, and grow. Before you know it, they can turn into bushes. All those extra shoots and branches on the insides and bottom of your plant are using up vital energy and nutrients.

Pruning your plants ensures that production and new growth is focused on the flowers and tops of your cannabis. That means, bigger, fatter buds that are denser with more cannabinoid and terpene rich resin.

Proper pruning is a talent that takes time to develop. If you cut the wrong things, you could lose valuable branches. Here’s a couple tricks to help you know when to cut and when not to –

  • Underlings – If it’s never going to see the light, it’s never going to grow bud. Cut out the underlying shoots and branches on the bottom of your bush.


  • Innards – Indica varieties are notoriously bushy. Get in there regularly and look at the insides of your plants. Chances are it’s filled with little shoots and new growth that is blocking airflow and using vital nutrients. Clear out the insides to help the flow of air and nutrients up and down the stalk.

3. Low-Stress Training


Create a grid, lattice, or trellis that covers your garden horizontally. Let your cannabis plants grow up and into the grid. Once they’ve grown taller than the grid, gently bend and weave their tops horizontally into the grid.

By low stress training your tops through a trellis, your tops will get extra thick. Cannabis naturally grows vertically, towards the sun. When it’s gently woven to grow horizontally, it makes long thick colas.

Essentially, you’re turning the tops sideways so that there is more flower growing vertically, increasing your chances of getting a mega yield at harvest time.


The 2018 cannabis harvest is going to be massive. Get your seeds in the ground, cut some new clones, and clear some space in the dry room.

With these tips, you should have no trouble getting ten pounds off of four plants from the skunk or kush families. Just remember that cannabis plants are sentient and sensitive creatures.

Give them everything that they need to grow like space, light, love, and food. And, remember to top, prune, and train them for optimal flower production. Good luck in the field and happy harvesting !!!


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About the author: Aaron M.

Aaron is a freelance cannabis writer for Slyng, covering medical marijuana, cultivation and other cannabis culture topics. He's also an independent musician and songwriter releasing his debut album one single at a time.