$24,000 Worth of Marijuana Donated to Washington State Goodwill

Employees at a Goodwill in Monroe, Washington must have been in for a wild ride last Monday. On Sunday night, they received a donation of a cooler, but upon further inspection on Monday morning, they realized it was much more than just a cooler. This cooler actually contained 3.75 pounds of marijuana. (This is 60 times the amount that is legal to possess in the state of Washington). Which would value the cooler at around $24,000 according to the Monroe Police Department.

After the discovery of the marijuana, the employees called in the Monroe Police Department, to help them out with this strange predicament. The police came to seize the evidence, and are working with the Goodwill managers to go through surveillance video to see if they can identify the individual that donated the cooler. As for the five bags of marijuana, the police department under strict policy, must burn it. 

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According to the Monroe Police Department twitter account, the 3.75 pounds of pot could be connected to a string of home invasion robberies and dispensary burglaries. Three days after the seize of the donated cooler, police had a search warrant for a house in Monroe, in which they seized 10 pounds of marijuana, along with weapons. What gives it away though, is that the markings on the bags seized at Goodwill are very similar to the markings on the bags uncovered through the search warranted house.

On another note, this happens to not be the strangest thing ever received by a Goodwill. According to Katherine Boury, a spokesperson for Goodwill, they received three human skulls in 2014. One of which was a Native American skull that was over 100 years old. Goodwill worked with numerous authorities to track down the ancestry and origin of the skull, in order to give it a proper burial ceremony. This is a great reminder that we should double check everything before we donate!