10 Marijuana Emoji’s for Weed Text

By Anita L.
Emoji’s stage the vibe of a text and to keep things on the “DL.” You could have a whole conversation in emoji’s alone. Here are a few emoji’s and definition to help decode a stoner conversation.

1.🍁 Leaf-

Yes, this is a knockoff weed leaf, but hey it works at a quick glance and is the only emoji that provides such a close resemblance to a cannabis leaf.

2. 🌲🌳 Trees-

Trees is a slang word for marijuana because nugs look like mini trees. These trees at this size look like little nugs.

3. 🔥FIRE!!!!!-

There is a double meaning with this one. 1.) Being the actual fire needed to light the weed. 2.) A way to describe how powerful the strain is smoking.


This emoji represents the pineapple strain family. Pineapple Kush, Pineapple Express, etc.

5. 💣 Bomb Weed-

So you could use this in a sentence like “I have some 💣 🍍”  to describe the top ranking strain you are smoking.

6. 5️⃣🔛- I got five on it-

A well known saying in the cannabis community for years thanks to Luniz. It is a simple way to communicate you want to smoke or you have $5 on a more significant portion than you can afford with the five dollars.

7. 🎰- jackPOT-

You hit the jackPOT! Sometimes you find that strain or product that just clicks with your body to create that euphoric high. It will then turn into one of your favorites.

8. 👀 Paranoid -

The worst! Sometimes that paranoia can just sneak up on you without knowing it. Thank goodness this is an easy fix by learning strains and your tolerance.


Cannabis is admired as the beautiful flower that it is. Once you have recognized how they look like little trees, I am sure can see how the buds are flowers.

10.🔮🐲Puff Puff like a magic dragon

Another subliminal message relayed through a song and now through emojis.

Bonus***** 🍕🍔🍟🍭🍦Munchies-

 To the average person it looks like just a bunch of food emojis, but to us stoners, we know better.


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About the author: Anita L.

Anita- Holistic -loving, Aquarius. Born and raised in the heart of CA.
Hobby: Learning to live a fearless life!