10 Cool Cannabis Gadgets

By Kaitlyn M.
Check out some of the latest cannabis accessories

The mainstream cannabis culture has created an interesting niche for gadgets of all kinds. Every year brings more crazy gadgets that every marijuana enthusiast will want. These gadgets usually offer innovative ways to conceal cannabis or even help in the smoking process. Here is an epic list of the ten coolest cannabis gadgets on the market.  

QloudUp Nexus Vape Pen

As the first place winner of the Cannabis Cup in 2017, it's clear why the Nexus Vape Pen by QloudUp is one of the coolest gadgets out there. The Nexus vaporizer features three atomizers. One is ceramic to ensure the best flavor. The other two are crystal quartz to ensure the biggest clouds and the most power. There are no wicks, glues, or dyes, and it is charged by USB. It comes in black, red, white, and my favorite gunmetal.  You can pick up your Nexus Vape Pen here

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Keychain Piece Pipe.

This nifty looking keychain is actually a pipe! It slides so your cannabis can be concealed inside the keychain. It is made in Sweden, It comes in silver and brass, and has air pockets that keep the mouthpiece from getting hot. It has 4 different modes: Stealth for odor-free storage, Smoke mode, Stash mode to put your belongings inside, and clean mode which disassembles the pipe. If you want this cool gadget click here.

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The iHit is a phone case that hides a stash of up to 5 pre-rolled smokes. It slides up to procure the smokes, it slides back down for odor free storage and doubles as a rolling tray. iHit is for iPhones only, their most popular case is shown here, it is a collaboration with GFTD. The design is cool, sleek, and provides you with a stash at all times. If you're interested in this case, click here.

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Asche Locket Grinder

For anyone wanting a beautiful accessory, this would be a cool gift. This locket created by Asche conceals a fully functioning grinder inside. It comes in 18 karat gold and has a choice of a 30-inch adjustable chain or keyring. It is also made in the USA. If you're wanting this gorgeous grinder, click here.

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Smoke Buddy 

They call this the smoke buddy for a reason. It is essentially an air filter. To use, exhale your smoke through the Smokebuddy and odorless air comes out the other end. This prevents anyone knowing you are smoking, and keeping second-hand smoke away from anyone that is a concern. It comes with a light keychain and a travel cap. Estimated 300 uses so it will last a while. To get the smoke buddy, click here.

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Optical Mouse with Hidden Compartment & Scale 

Okay yeah, this is cheesy, but still pretty cool, right? It's one of those things that you immediately say “I want that” about.  This optical mouse by ProScale is USB connected, and actually, can be used as a mouse. If you slid the top off, underneath is a fully working scale, as well as a hidden compartment. If you're interested, click here.

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Watch Grinder

If you're looking for a hidden grinder that’s not just a jewelry piece, here you go. This 2 in 1 watch by Bewild is a fully functioning watch that doubles as a grinder. The facelifts off and reveal the grinder. The watch grinder comes in blue, black, and red. To pick one up, click here

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Instant Water Pipe

Making your own water pipe out of a soda or water bottle is pretty common, especially in groups or for parties. So have a reusable plastic nozzle is pretty sweet. The Water Puff easily screws on to the opening of any drinking bottle for an instant water bong.  It breaks down for convenient storage, and also comes in green, white, red, clear, and blue. To get the Water Puff, click here.

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Formula 420 Cleaner: 

At the end of the day, resin builds up in any smoking device. It can get pretty nasty, especially if it gets burnt. You can spend forever cleaning them and potentially break them. Instead, try Formula 420 by Formula 409 for cleaning glass, metal, and ceramic pipes. This is the only complete one-minute cleaner. To pick up some, click here.

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Lipstick Pipe:

Any other ladies like me that like to light up but would like to be inconspicuous about it? This is the pipe for you. Made with metal, this pipe is made to look and feel like a legit lipstick. To use, you simply take the top and bottom tube casing off which reveals the actual pipe, in the shape of a lipstick. It's small, easily concealed, and looks pretty dope. To pick one up, click here.

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Bonus - Integra Boost 

Added as a bonus gadget, we have the Integra Boost. These packets control the moisture as to not affect your cannabis. It prevents dry plants, harsh smoke, and mold. To check it out, click here.

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This was an awesome line up of products, they all do their job well and make me want to go on a shopping spree! 




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