10 Canna-Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

By Amelia B.
This holiday season, we invite you to entertain the idea of gifting everyone on your list a cannabis-related product to help normalize the plant and help celebrate its legality in your home state (providing it has been legalized in said state). We’ve put together a list of the best canna-gifts that should cover the gamut of recipients.

For the Special Woman In Your Life

1. “High-end” Chocolate Bars


Perfect for pairing with wine for a romantic interest or your BFF, these delectable THC-infused squares, such as the selections from Satori, come in milk chocolate or 60.5% Cacao and offer THC Potencies ranging from 40mg all the way up to 240mg. Making sure you know her chocolate preference and her weed tolerance are key.

2. Cannabis-Infused Intimate Massage Oils 

Yoni Delight by Flower Child is a sensual lubricant for women. Not only does it smell like chocolate, but it also contains CBD and various oils to stimulate and excite. Perfect for those looking to try something new this holiday season in the bedroom! A wonderful sensual balm that melts on contact. Contains essential oils that have been added to heighten pleasure and arousal.

For the Canna-Friendly Feminist

3. The Stoner Babe’s Coloring Book


This artistic coloring book by Katie Guinn aims to celebrate the beauty of empowered women who love to explore their creative side with cannabis. Featuring the cannabis-themed artwork of Katie Guinn, this is a gift any cannabis-loving woman is sure to enjoy.  Pair it with a premium set of thin-tip markers or colored pencils and a pre-rolled joint or pen for the perfect thoughtful gift.

4. A CannaFeminist Book

More and more of these books are being published as women work to change gender stereotypes of cannabis users as well as canna-business leaders. We found two that fit the bill:

An illuminating compilation featuring more than 50 famous cannabis-using women throughout history, this book is a must-have for any independent, free-thinking, liberated pot-smoker.

These women cover the gamut of the arts, with writers, fashion icons, musicians, visual artists, and movie stars both past and present. Famous names such as Jennifer Aniston and Maya Angelou are bound to impress, though some of the most fascinating stories come from the more obscure women like explorers and pioneers in science.

This biographical collection features 21 brave, driven, and powerful women who have played key roles in the cannabis industry and paved the way for other women to continue in their footsteps.

Sharing their pitfalls, challenges, victories, heartaches, and advice for the next generation of women in cannabis, these women offer an honest look at what it means to be an empowered woman in the industry.

For the Chronica-celebrating Jew in Your Life

5. A Hanukkah Menorah Herb Grinder



Your Jewish relative or homie may already have a grinder, but it is not likely one so special and festive as this, plated in natural oak with two rows of teeth. Classy and thoughtful!

6. Kosher Kush

This mostly indica hybrid gained its fame after becoming the first commercially produced strain to be blessed by a rabbi and winning the High Times Medical Cannabis cup in 2012. Its couch-lock qualities are sure to keep you cool-headed when dealing with family drama as well as snoozing through a noisy house full of relatives at night.

If you’re looking for a less indica-dominant kosher strain, other strains like Tikum Olam, Tal, or Avidekel, or any other strain from Israeli Cannabis Company would also work well as gifts.

7. A Menorah Water Pipe


This 14-inch clear glass Menorah from Grav may not be cheap (priced at just under $400!), but it’s a most impressive Hanukkah centerpiece for the Judaic stoner.

Its website description really says it all, “Whether you're in the Tribe or just feeling the vibe, the Menorah is dynamite. Eight individual bowls feed a massive bubbler with an angled mouthpiece, all anchored by a thick glass foot. Hits don't come any bigger than this, but act fast - this masterpiece is limited!”

For Your Kwanzaa-Loving Loved One

8. A Vape-Cartridge Kwanzaa Kinara

For those that are not familiar with Kwanzaa, the holiday was created in the 1960s by an ex-con and inspired by the Swahili “first fruit” harvest tradition, so even if you and your friends are not currently celebrating this badass holiday, maybe you should be, and what better way to do it than with this ingenious gift idea.

The Kwanzaa Kinara is similar to the Hanukkah Menorah but has seven candle-holders instead of nine. This is not a finished product you can buy in a store, but rather was the brainchild of Forbes writer Sara Brittany Somerset, who thought of buying a Kinara with holes the right size to fit vape cartridges into the candle holes. Brilliant!

Feel free to try your own take on this Vape Cartridge Kwanzaa Kinara, but Sara’s is filled with Verano, Kingpen, and Sherbinski’s vape cartridges.

For the THC Abstainer

9. A Donation in His or Her Name to a Cannabis-Related Charity

For the friend or relative who often requests donations in lieu of gifts, Parents for Pot is an organization provides a voice for those in support of ending the hemp and cannabis prohibition and strives to end the social stigma associated with both adults who use recreational cannabis and parents who use medical cannabis to treat their children’s illnesses.

During the holidays, Parents for Pot organizes a Drug War POW holiday drive for families that have a parent currently incarcerated for cannabis-related charges. Information on each sponsored family is available on their website, and you can donate by sending money directly through PayPal or mailing them a check.

There are other cannabis-related charities out there, so pick the one that best suits your recipient's interests. 

10. A CBD or Hemp Gift Basket


These THC-free products range the gamut from grooming and spa products to health and wellness treatments and even health food. No matter what your recipient may be into, we promise there is a cannabis-based gift basket for him or her.


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About the author: Amelia B.

Amelia B is a wife, a preschool teacher, and a mother of two young children. She enjoys camping, hiking, cooking, reading, traveling, listening to live local music, refurbishing furniture, and creating works of art.