1 in 4 US Beer Drinkers Plan On Switching to Marijuana

According to the magazine, Money, a report studied stated that around a quarter of beer drinkers in the United States say they plan on switching over to marijuana. This research report was conducted by the Cannabiz Consumer Group. The research pooled 40,000 American beer drinkers and found that 10,800 people answered that they purchased marijuana instead of beer last year, or suggest that they would purchase marijuana over beer if it were legalized in their states. 

Analysts are projecting that cannabis will cost the beer industry 7 percent in sales. Likewise, the legal cannabis market is positioned to capture over $50 billion in sales, when it is a fully mature market. This can be backed by the 26.4 million Americans who legally purchased marijuana last year. But this is still trailing that of the beer market in which generated more than $100 billion in annual sales. It is important to bring up that legal marijuana can only be purchased in 28 states, while you can purchase beer in all 50 states. 

It is also important to note that marijuana is already super popular with teenagers, which will impact future consumption habits. A study implemented by Project Know drug rehabilitation centers and reported in The Washington Post, found that young people generally were more inclined to use marijuana than to binge drink. 

But there are many things that could stand in the way of the future of the cannabis industry. If the Trump administration continues to remain adamant on the federal crackdown of recreational weed in legalized states, then the potential gains are not guaranteed. Another issue that could stand in the way, is that beer is a staple in American culture and the consumption of it is a massive American tradition. As well as the fact that, marijuana and alcohol are not mutually exclusive.