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Investing in the Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit by Wulf Mods will ensure that you receive smooth flavorful draw each time you pick up the pocket-sized powerful device. Available in two color options, the Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit offers an ergonomic design making it fit comfortably in the hand or pocket perfect for on the go. Adding to comfort, the mouthpiece of the device is comfortable as well as colored in a way to compliment the main components of the device making it stylish as well. The cartridge has a 510-thread male attachment while the battery features a 510-female attached dock. This allows the Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen compatible with a variety of cartridges aside from the cartridge included in the kit. With five presses of the single button system, the Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit starts its 15 second heating process. With three compresses options the battery cycles through its different voltage choices. The LED light indicators let the user know what voltage the device is currently using; green indicates a 2.8V, blue indicates 3.4V and red indicates a 4.5V. The device is activated when the user presses down on the single button. For a more passive draw, the user clicks two time to active the mesh mode allowing users to not have to hold the button to release the vapor. The internal quartz heating unit employs a ceramic chamber that heats the concentrate evenly delivering satisfying and massive vapor. The Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit includes the essential pieces needed for an unparalleled concentrate session. The Wulf SLK Concentrate Kit comes with the Wulf SLK battery, the Wulf SLK tank, and a Wulf USB charger. The device be easily broken down into three parts making cleaning, maintenance, and recharging a breeze. When the tank of the device is unscrewed for the battery, the battery then can be twisted to the charging port. Refills can be done by unscrewing the mouthpiece. A side transparent window allows the user to see when the unit is ready for a refill.

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