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chris - Mar 17, 2020

The best and coolest thing I've ever bought! I give it an easy 10/10 as this thing hits real niiice! I was also pretty skeptical if this site but they definitely didn't disappoint I placed my order at 3pm and it still shipped that day I called them later to see if I can add an accessory and the guys there are way chill and customer service is pretty amazing if I must say. I definitely recommend this Carta and definitely would buy from Slyng again!

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$199.99 | 3-day FLASH SALE + free shipping while supplies last! When it comes to state-of-the-art portable dabbing, the Focus V CARTA Electronic Smart Rig Kit is ahead of the pack with increased battery power, robust build quality, and cutting-edge engineering. Priced at an affordable $199.99, this is the perfect addition to your collection. Toss away portable dab rigs that have become cumbersome, challenging, and impossible to take wherever you go. With this unique, well-designed solution, it's possible to move away from electrical charging and look towards a USB-driven solution with the ability to rely on 18350 batteries. This is an all-in-one portable rig for those wanting to try something convenient without losing out on quality. This is a solution that's going to pack a punch and it's going to offer a multitude of temperature presets to toggle through based on preference. The Focus V CARTA app is a wonderful way to enjoy the perks of 600°F to 940°F without a worry. Use the Focus V CARTA Kit and enjoy its two-fold design using quartz and titanium. The vape buckets offering increased heat ensuring the performance never disappoints. Whether it's using the quartz bucket for a rapid heating sensation or the titanium bucket for a more prolonged performance, this is a kit that gets the job done. With its fascinating design elements, this is a solution that offers a comprehensive removable glass top making it even easier to customize. When it comes to the world of portable dabbing, this is the perfect addition for those who want something with performance, durability, and quality. For any questions call, 949-386-7332!

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