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Zeus Smite

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What's inside:
1x Zeus Smite
1x Glass Mouthpiece
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Poker Tool
2x Screen

Brand / Manufacturer: ZeusArsenal
Type: Portable Vaporizer
Usage: Herbs
Mouthpiece material: Glass
Heating Technique: Conduction
Temperature control: Preset Temperatures
Energy Source: Battery
Material: Aluminum
Average battery life: 180 minutes
Chamber/oven material: Ceramic
Delivery Method: Direct
Origin: Canada
Temperature Settings: 3 settings: 385°F, 400°F and 414°F
Heat-up time: < 45 seconds
Weight: 206 grams
Size: 10.4 x 6 x 2.2 cm

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Item Details

Zeus designed the Smite as an ultra-portable dry herb vape that delivers unmatched flavor. The outside of the Zeus Smite vaporizer is constructed from anodized aluminum to protect against everyday drops and follies. A glass mouthpiece prevents outside tastes and smells from interfering with your vapor; the mouthpiece is easily stored inside of the Smite. There are three preset temperatures for the Zeus Smite that let you fully explore your material. The lower option is geared towards those who want to taste every flavor of their dry herb; the middle option is a good balance between flavor and thick clouds; the highest option is for users who want to experience rich vapor. The Zeus Smite is operated by a single button, making it a fantastic option for novice vape users.

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