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The Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products (Blue)

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The Hottest Portable Rig for Cold Start Dabbing

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If you're seeking for a reliable and convenient rig to take with you wherever you go, you should check out the Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products. R.I.O. is the acronym for rig-in-one and this model is one of the best all-in-one portable wax rigs on the market. Unlike other rig models, the Rio relies exclusively on mechanical parts rather than coils. The dab kit features a glass bubbler with shower-head perc, a quartz banger, a carb cap, and a torch. The zippered carrying case with EVA foam is stylish and reliable and it makes a very nice addition to the already cool dab rig. the Quartz Banger is a 14mm male, while the Showerhead Perc is a 14mm female. The RIO base is available in black and white marble. The impressive and modern Rio Portable Dab Rig is an all-in-one dab rig that features a built-in butane torch. This is the device to get for cold-start dabbing. All you have to do is to load your bad into the banger at room temperature and start dabbing. The built-in torch is straight under the quartz banger. The package includes a torch (the butane is not included), a quartz banger (144mm, male), a bad tool, a carb cap, and a sturdy and sleek zip-up case to carry your dab rig around. In addition, you'll get silicone travel plugs to keep your Rio unit filled with water. The Rio is a very convenient modular portable dab rig, perfect for active individuals. Since it doesn't work with either batteries or coils, it is a hassle-free device.

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