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Cleaning a filthy water pipe is not for the faint of heart (or nose), but the Resolution Cleaning Kit gives you everything you need to make it a simple, yet efficient experience. The trick is in the included Res Caps that seal up your water pipes and rigs for a secure cleaning experience or simply some added support and supervision during travel. These Res Caps are adept at not just blocking spills but also funky odors. The included Res Gel Water Pipe Cleaner features a Shake-a-Bag system in a resealable bag perfect for restoring small pipes and glass accessories to their pristine nature. You can also pour the Res Gel directly into your water pipeor rig, stop it up with the included ResCaps and give it a good shaking for cutting through accumulated gunk, debris and resin. The kit is rounded out with cotton swabs, a stick brush cleaning tool, and a specially designed Res Rag for putting the finishing touches on your glass collection and leaving it absolutely sparkling. Includes: Res Caps Res Gel Water Pipe Cleaner Stick Brush Cleaning Tool Cotton Swabs Res Rag

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