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Lab Technician/Lab Analyst
Posted on 08/14/2018 Located in Sebastopol, CA

  • Contract Type: Full Time
  • Salary: Apply for Salary Details
  • Available Positions: 1


Sonoma Lab Works, LLC

Lab Technician Position Requirements
Necessary background:
STEM major, Chemistry preferred
Relevant coursework: Organic chemistry with associated lab work. Analytical chemistry course with emphasis on instrumentation usage.

Necessary skills:

  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)

  • Weighing samples

  • Handling glassware

  • Serial Dilutions

  • Pipette usage

  • Must be able to move compressed gas tanks

Recommended skills and experiences:

Knowledge about cannabis and cannabis products

Rough job outline:

  • Filling out lab templates and reports

  • Data entry into Excel spreadsheets

  • Handling chemicals

  • Preparing samples for testing

  • Operating syringes, pipettors, and working in sterile environments

  • Keeping track of products, samples, test results, and chemical inventory

  • Proper disposal and handling of chemicals, including proper PPE

Great hourly pay + benefits

How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to: hr@platinumadvisors.com

About this Job

Sonoma Lab Works, LLC
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URL: http://sonomalabworks.com

Email: hr@platinumadvisors.com