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dewars joint

A dewars joint is a small insert of a strip or rod of usually clear glass in a dab rig or bongs joint. That makes the connection of the joint to the bong more secure.

"Dewars joint can be found on water pipes with both male and female joints"
by indica john on 09/04/2018

reclaim is the leftover oily stuff from dabbing concentrates. You can collect this in a reclaim catcher and reuse it in many ways.

"She slid the cenk clip off of the reclaim catcher to remove the jar from the pipe."
by indica john on 08/29/2018
insert perc

An insert perc is any kind of disc perc in a waterpipe./ These can be honeycomb, turbine or anything that can be stacked one on top of the other.

"my favorite type of insert perc is the honeycomb because it offers almost zero resistance."
by indica john on 08/28/2018

Seasoning is done to a brand new concentrate nail so that it works right and does not taste bad. Usually, people will heat the nail until some parts are red hot then let cool for around 13 seconds before rubbing some oil( coconut is good) on the nail. If it bubbles you are all set to use the nail. If it burns and leaves ashes it was too hot and you need to do this process of heating and cooling plus inserting a thin coating of oil.

"You must do a seasoning on the nail before dabbing on it."
by indica john on 08/27/2018

A slow burning cigar used for rolling blunts. Made from real tobacco leaf.

I'mma crawl slow puffin' on the Optimo hit the sto'
I'mma go real slow, puffin' indo out the do'
by on 08/26/2018

Made by infusing marijuana into honey. This can be done by adding one ounce of high quality marijuana to about two to three pounds honey.

" Before making the cannahoney he decarbed the marijuana first, insuring a good infusion."
by indica john on 08/26/2018

Humulene is a terpene or taste/scent in certain types of weed usually Diesels and OG Kushes. It will actually make you not want to eat so it is good for weight loss. An example of a high humulene strain is NYC Diesel.

After smoking a strain high in humulene people usually do not feel like eating.
by indica john on 08/25/2018

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