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Bilbo Dabbinz

A term used to indicate the present of "dabs" or cannabis concentrates.

"Just hangin' out with some Bilbo Dabbinz right now." "Hey bro, you got some Bilbo?"
by little_neo on 05/12/2018

A dropdown is a piece of glass that fits on the joint of a water pipe extending out and downwards. This helps keep the heat way from your piece when dabbing. You simply put the dropdown on your rig then put the bowl on the dropdown instead of onto the joint on your pipe.

The dropdown fit perfectly onto the 18 mm joint.
by ruby38 on 05/01/2018

A lot of weed

Pass me the jug!
by peanut101497 on 04/30/2018

An elbow is another word for an ounce of marijuana.

This elbow of northern lights cost me a lot but it was worth it.
by ruby38 on 04/30/2018

Cone is a type of joint that starts small on the mouth side and flares out as it extends.

Joe said,"dude this is a fat cone, its burning for days."
by young_shunerxiv on 04/29/2018

The gross black sticky build up also known as resin. Some people smoke it when they're out of flower. Smells awful, tastes awful, will make you sick.

Johnny was smoking that tar last night, dude got sick everywhere!
by autumneatsbugs on 05/01/2018

The powder (kief) that falls through, or is sifted through, a grinder screen.

That sift sent me to outer space, man!
by autumneatsbugs on 04/29/2018

Long for cbn. This is not common knowledge to most people so I will explain. cbn is a compound in the cannabis plant that is not well researched at this point what they do know is that it is very sedating in its effect. Some compare it to diazapam. it is also supposed to be good for anger and aggression.

She applied the cbn patch before bedtime for a better nights rest.
by ruby38 on 04/28/2018

when the weed is HELLA dank and its sparkly and covered in crystals (or “icy”) ... the “ice” is actually just a shit ton of trichomes on the nugs

**now imma explain the science behind weed/what trichomes are, so ignore if you arent interested in that type of stuff**
trichomes are what make them greeny greens sparkle! so its not gods light shining upon us through this plant.. but i mean in a way i guess it actually is lmao.. BECAAAAaause the trichomes on the buds of the marijuana plant— side note: ”buds” are the part of the plant that you actually smoke- its basically the marijuana plants flowers.. aka what we call “nugs” in the stoner community— contain thc and other cannabinoids, which are the molecules in marijuana that carry the plants psychoactive properties... aka the stuff that interacts w your brain and has psychological (psychoactive) effects.. aka what gets you high and makes you feel good!

trichomes form as the plant grows and they actually help cultivators determine the right time to harvest their plants. there is a certain slot of time during the growing period of the plant in which the buds’ trichomes meet full potency level & the buds mature “just right”; this is called the harvesting window.

the harvesting window is simply the certain stage in maturity in which the buds are most potent... or have the highest levels of thc/other cannabinoids. but there are, as you can guess, different stages of maturity depending on the age of the plant.. and bc the potency of the trichomes differ with how mature the buds are, the weed itself will yield differing cerebral and/or body effects depending on when it is harvested. these different “stages” of maturity of the plant help growers determine when to harvest their plants. for example, if they are looking for a certain type of experience they want their weed to produce, cultivators will determine how mature their plants are, along with how potent the weed is, by examining the color and shape of the trichomes themselves on the buds, normally is done with a small magnifying glass or a jewlers loupe.
trichomes are what makes each strain of marijuana unique with their differing levels of potency of different types of cannabinoids depending on which strain the weed is.. cannabinoids such as ye old tetrahydrocannabinol! ;-) (THC) & thats why kief (or keef depending on your spelling preference) is so potent bc it is essentially pure thc b/c the trichomes are sifted to the bottom of the grinder, aka the kief catcher. so thats why kief gets everyone so stoned

so in conclusion:
* the frostier the bud, the more potent it is
* “icy” nugs= more trichomes= more thc= higher potency= stronger weed= better high= overall more positive experience!!!!!!!!!!

good vibes everyone

“look at this bud i just picked up in the light dude it glistens. so beautiful.”
“yeah bro damn that shits ICY!! and it smells dank too”
by colonjaq on 04/27/2018

An adapter is a glass piece that you can put on a bong or dab rig that changes the sex of the piece.

They put the adapter on their dab rig because the only boal they had did not match the sex of the joint.
by ruby38 on 04/27/2018
blueberry yum yum

An awesome legendary strain that everyone needs to try at least once!

Dude, I got my hands on some Blueberry Yum Yum, it's about to get lit!
by autumneatsbugs on 04/30/2018

"Dude that guy went to moletown"
"Mole life is best life"

Moletown is when you smoke so much weed you go under ground to live with the moles.

I went to moletown Saturday night.
by cbizovie on 04/27/2018

A blunt wrapper that has been dipped in kook-aid and then it’s covered in 7 different types of kush.

Nathan and Hanna smoked a koolkuush blunt before the movie.
by brenda414rodriguez on 04/27/2018

sap is a concentrate made using co2 extraction methods that has the consistency of honey. It can also be frozen.

He likes dabbing sap it works well.
by ruby38 on 04/27/2018
Sticky icky

Really good weed

Hand me some of that sticky icky to put in this j
by peanut101497 on 04/27/2018

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