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Mad Masked

The action of smoking a entire bowl while wearing a gas mask.

Dude, he just Mad Masked what a legend!
by Jeff Miller on 10/03/2018
slyme glass

slyme or slyme glass is an expensive high quality boro glass that some pipes are made out of.

"slyme glass can be green, pink and now blue!"
by indica john on 10/02/2018

Not anything that you want anything to do with. Botrytis is grey mold or bud rot. This can happen in cool damp conditions. One mistake cannabis farmers make is shaking water off of their plants. This only opens up the buds so water can penetrate better and form botrytis. Just let them dry on their own.

I think my bud has botrytis, I'm just going to let it dry on it own.
by indica john on 09/29/2018
f2 hybrid

an f2 hybrid bred from two f1 hybrids can lack hybrid vigour. They also have fewer phenotypes.

by indica john on 09/28/2018

Where I come from the green-hit is the first hit of the pipe. Sometimes considerate people will corner the bowl so that the second hit is also green.

I packed the bowl so I get the green-hit.
by indica john on 09/26/2018

internodal-spacing is the space on the cannabis in between each bud/leaf cluster on the plant.

"Some sativas have very long internodal-spacing."
by indica john on 09/25/2018

Strong Potent Cannabis
Indica or Sativa, normally hybrid. No seeds and full of trichromes and resin. Pungent.

That highgrade is stinky!
by Petr Copper on 09/23/2018

crippler is a kind of strain. Chocolate Thai.

"that crippler chocolate Thai brought me straight to the couch and here I will stay!"
by indica john on 09/20/2018

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