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Getting high off of THC where you feel like a nice warm toasted piece of bread.

I am so toasted right now I can barley move.
by abay822 on 02/28/2018

Smoking High-Grade cannabis with friends and the owner of the cannabis being consumed.

Donell is Chiefin' with the crew after a successful Harvest.
by dwalk725 on 02/24/2018

Short hand term for marijuana.

"I want some juana."
by limegreengoddess on 02/20/2018

Short for "regular." Referring to your favorite go to strain.

"Can I get at a bag of my reggie?"
by limegreengoddess on 02/15/2018
Ganja Babe

Referencing a female that partakes in the medicating, growing, modeling, or anything marijuana related.

"Ganja babe, my sweet ganja babe"
"...except for my ganja babe, she needs 2..."
by limegreengoddess on 02/13/2018

Getting high off of thc.

Grab the weed and let's get stoned!
by 573dave on 02/12/2018

A steamroller pipe is like taking a large, dry pull from a bong. Glass steamrollers can be purchased at head shops, but these are also fairly easy to make from household materials.

Unlike a traditional pipe, steamrollers give you a massive hit. This hit is also not filtered by water, meaning that a bunch of smoke is sent straight into your lungs.

"It's ok if we dont have any water for the bong, we'll steamroller it."
by limegreengoddess on 02/10/2018

refers to the act of smoking marijuana.

"Do you want a hit of this?"
"Take a hit."
by limegreengoddess on 02/09/2018

A term usually used for marijuana plants that are in the mature stages of life.

reference to the Barbra Streisand song "Sadie, Sadie"

"Sadie, Sadie married lady."
by limegreengoddess on 02/08/2018
Canna Coffee

a coffee beverage that has been brewed with cannabis or "enhanced" with cannabis. Usually a Sativa to get your day started.

I can't start my day without my canna coffee.
by limegreengoddess on 02/07/2018

After smoking a dank Indica, the feeling leaves you stuck or melted into the couch.

This weed got me stuck indicouch.
by limegreengoddess on 02/06/2018

Another word for being high on marijuana. Smoking one too many joints and getting a strong high.

Yesterday I took too many hits from my bong and got so lifted I fell asleep.
by lilyblooms12 on 02/05/2018

A term used by avid marijuana smokers referring to smoking cannabis in a poorly ventilated room for maximum effect

"We are hotboxing in my car next weekend, you have to be there!"
by lilyblooms12 on 01/25/2018
wake and bake

Waking up and smoking a blunt you have pre-prepared the night before. Refers to waking up and getting stoned.

"I'm definitely starting my weekend up with a wake and bake session!"
by lilyblooms12 on 01/03/2018

A saying used to represent a time to consume cannabis, or allowing the consumption of cannabis. Also known as April 20th a cannabis holiday.

"Happy 420! Lets smoke."

"The event is 420 friendly!"
by lilyblooms12 on 01/03/2018

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