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cubing is a breeding technique were you take one strain and cross it with another but then you backcross that with the original plant to solidify or lockdown traits that you want.

My devil star strain was made of taking an indica I selected then crossing it with the jack herer. I then crossed it back to the original indica for a more indica jack!
by ruby38 on 08/15/2018

A run is a tear or a hole in the side of a joint during rolling.

God dammit you put a run in the joint.
by ruby38 on 08/14/2018

charis is hash made from a live plant instead if a dried one.

My hands are black with charis after rubbing the plants for three hours!
by ruby38 on 08/13/2018
curious bud

What I call it when you buy a large amount of cannabis and there will sometimes be some different kind mixed in with the rest to make weight. In my experience it is usually of higher quality.

dude this curious bud I got in my ounce is covered in crystals!
by ruby38 on 08/12/2018

A bean is just another word for a cannabis seed.

Popped three beans, only two came up but it is all good they are sour diesel I will get a large yield anyway!
by ruby38 on 08/11/2018
Corner / Cornering

The art of only lighting one side or one part of a bowl, so more than one person can get a fresh, unburnt hit. A very considerate thing to do when smoking in a group.

Luckily Brad knew how to corner the bowl, so my hit was as fresh as his.
by r_j_p.1970 on 08/04/2018

when referring to sub-par marijuana, stuff that is not as good as you want..

I wanted some to get some bomb ass weed, but all I could find was some regi...
by r_j_p.1970 on 07/25/2018
pith weed that has been laced with angel dust.

Oh no! I think that weed was laced I'm fucked up. "Yeah man, that was pith!"
by ruby38 on 07/15/2018
Swimming in a swamp

When you take a bong hit, and some of the bong water splashes up into your mouth during the hit.

"That bong hit was great until I started swimming in a swamp."
"I hit it so hard that I started swimming in a swamp."
"Empty out some of that water so we're not swimming in the swamp!"
by little_neo on 07/12/2018

This is a term for a quarter pound of weed.

Hey what's up dude do you think I could get a quap from you after work?
by ruby38 on 07/12/2018
skag weed

Skag weed is a term in the north that I have heard when people are referring to the worst quality that there is. Usually, something from Mexico or California that has been severely compressed for transport and is full of stems and seeds.

I would not even pay a low amount of money for that it is skag.
by ruby38 on 07/11/2018
running for president

When a joint is burning unevenly, i.e. running down one side

Yo look out, that joints running for president
by brucewayne165 on 05/30/2018

When you get very high and drunk at the same time and your vision becomes whiter as you get crossfaded

Bro, I shouldn't have had those shots after smoking a blunt, I'm whited.
by brucewayne165 on 05/29/2018

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