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wake and bake

Waking up and smoking a blunt you have pre-prepared the night before. Refers to waking up and getting stoned.

"I'm definitely starting my weekend up with a wake and bake session!"
by lilyblooms12 on 01/03/2018

A saying used to represent a time to consume cannabis, or allowing the consumption of cannabis. Also known as April 20th a cannabis holiday.

"Happy 420! Lets smoke."

"The event is 420 friendly!"
by lilyblooms12 on 01/03/2018

A compound that is known as C21H30O2 that is obtained from cannabis or made synthetically, that is the primary ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. Most commonly an active compound in Sativa strains.

Did you know THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol?
by lilyblooms12 on 12/22/2017

Originally known from OG Kush, one of the most well-known strains all over the world. Two most common definitions are "Ocean Grown" and "Original Gangster."

“I have the BEST OG you will ever smoke!”
by lilyblooms12 on 12/21/2017

Molecules that link to the occipital receptors in the nostril in order to perceive the sense of smell. There are thousands of known and unknown terpenes. Marijuana has an abundance of terpenes and these different combinations affect the variations in highs gotten from different strains.

The Terpenes from this Sour D got me focused but the Terpenes from this Purple Urkle got me slumped.
by nemlau on 12/18/2017

When the dank is fire and you're slumped on the couch, surpassing couch-lock.

Dude I was slumped all night long after I smoked some of that gas.
by poeticpothead on 12/06/2017

Slang term for being REALLY high on cannabis

Damn, that bud has me couchlocked!
by anyaalyssa82 on 10/14/2017


"Roll a stick, lets 'moke Whoadiee"
by alexaluvv on 10/13/2017

Roaches are the short end buds of a blunt or joint that gets ashed. Sometimes if the roaches are big enough people tend to add them to joints that don't have enough weed.

Hey let me get a roach for one of these joints.
by joseph.ryan12 on 10/13/2017

Slang term for smoking cannabis.

I'm gonna burn a fat bowl!
by anyaalyssa82 on 10/12/2017

A slang term for taking a hit of cannabis.

Would you like to take a toke off of this joint?
by anyaalyssa82 on 10/11/2017

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by val on 10/06/2017

Getting high/stoned, smoking marijuana

That joint got me ripped!
by anyaalyssa82 on 10/03/2017

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