XVAPE's offering the most portable vaporizers, and this leading vapes outfit more than showcases the latest innovations in vape technologies -- delivering the ultimate vape experience.

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Pomona, CA

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XVAPE is a vaporizer company that offers high standard vaporizers online. The company also offers wholesale options. It brings to the vaporizing industry portable vapes with all the most recent vaping technologies. The main goal of XVAPE is to offer its consumers a more healthy option to go on enjoying their herbal vaping. Their exclusive top of the class vape brands isn't rebranded or retooled. The most popular products of XVAPE are the VISTA MINI (concentrate vaporizer), the ARIA (Flower & Concentrate vaporizer), and also the CRICKET (concentrate vaporizer). While all of these vaporizers are concentrate vaporizers, their appearance and functions are much different. They are all built with functionality as the main focus. XVAPE provides a wide range of products including the VIXEN that bears the same appearance as a lipstick, however, it is a vaporizer. Try out XVAPE today for a wide range of creative and innovative vaporizers. Visit Slyng.com to discover amazing deals on XVAPE products!