Wolf Grinders


On Slyng since 2019


We sell travel-friendly cannabis accessories with unique, functional designs. Our products are made for the active cannabis user, the adventure seekers, explorers, outdoor sport lovers, travel enthusiasts, and anyone else on the move.

We pride ourselves on creating innovative products that stand out. Our high quality, compact herb grinders, pipes, and accessories are simply one of a kind.

We offer custom laser engraving on all of our grinders and pipes for anyone who wants theirs to be truly unique. Whether it's a name, logo, message or anything else, we've got you covered.

Our Big Bowl, Combo Crusher, and Traditional grinders are the perfect travel companion. Designed to give you everything you need when you're on the go. The Combo Crusher is truly the Swiss army knife of grinders with 6 features (grinder, removable pipe, lighter holster, kief catch, pick piece, bottle opener) all in one device.

All our grinders are CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum. We're proud to offer a lifetime warranty for all grinders purchased through our website and are confident it will be the last grinder you'll ever need.

Don't judge a pipe by it's size. Our Cannon and Scorpion pipes can fit more than you would expect and can fit easily in your pocket. The Scorpion pipe has a magnetic folding system and folds up into a compact cube making it perfect for when you're on the move. There is nothing on the market like it.

All of our pipes are made of CNC machined aluminum and are fitted with a quartz glass bowl. Around the bowl is a silicone band that holds it in place and seals the airway between the bowl, choke, and intake for a smooth draw every time.

In addition to our grinders and pipes we also offer a variety of accessories for the mobile cannabis user. A durable and lockable carrying case, our Cannapack vault which is smell proof and holds 10g of bud, rolling trays, and extra glass bowls.