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Our Farm
Kind Remedies (the parent company to Top Shelf Hemp™) number one goal is sustainably grown industrial hemp. When it comes to farming and working with Mother Nature, we believe that the use of pesticides, tilling, excessive plastic, and poor curing practices are the poison of this Industry. This is why our own farm, and partner farms are sourced carefully to use organic, virgin land. We use no till practices and believe the micro organisms in the soil are the best thing for our plants. Tilling the land simply kills off these micro organisms. We use proprietary compost teas to feed our plants and soil to keep them growing throughout the season. Pesticides can be great at keeping the bugs away, but are terrible to consume, and just as bad for the environment. We believe in the power of hemp outside of the cannabinoids, which is why we will always put the planet over profits.

Our Process
After our product is grown organically, (see "Our Farms"), we bring it into the production warehouse for drying and curing. It is dried for 8-14 days and then put into 45 gallon sterlite sealable bins. It is burped on a schedule over a month inside of these bins. From there we either machine or hand trim each and every flower depending on where its going. The best flowers are pre selected for our pre packaged Top Shelf Hemp ™ and white label customers and go into the production line. We hand trim each bud to a level at which we would consume it (we are very picky after working with so much of this product)! We then package it into a Kraft, biodegradable bag with a Boveda 2 way humidifier to improve shelf life and the consumer experience.