The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator Touch is New and Improved! Our new pressure belt and fill port gives you the most realistic flow ever!

Long Beach, CA

On Slyng since 2017


If you are looking for synthetic urine products then you need to check out ALS. They sell the safest and most realistic synthetic urine products on the market. Their website says, “Our commitment is to you, the customer. We offer the highest quality products available for your alternative lifestyle choices. All of our products, including Whizzinator Touch, are lab tested and safe. We understand that you require a high level of anonymity when making these types of purchases. That is why we ship discreetly, and only send you transactional emails. “ ALS’s most popular product is the Whizzinator Touch. The Whizzinator Touch is a discreet device that produces synthetic urine. ALS says, “Nothing comes close to the original Whizzinator. Over fifteen years of Manufacturing experience have given us the edge when bringing you the highest quality and most up to date synthetic urine kits on the market. Nothing has been on the market longer than the Whizzinator. ALS Synthetic Urine contains ingredients found in natural urine like Uric Acid and Creatine. It is balanced for specific gravity, Ph and has foam and scent!” To receive 10% OFF the Whizzinator or the Golden Flask use the promo code “SLYNG” at checkout.