The Dart

LOAD SMOKE ASH. the DART is streamlining the smoking experience so you can enjoy each moment, without missing a stride

On Slyng since 2020


The story of the DART began on my travels across Europe. With only a limited amount of flower and an unfamiliarity of each country’s smoking laws, I was looking for something to smoke with that was discreet, convenient, and could help to conserve my supply. I didn’t want to spend money on another pipe, knowing that it could easily break while traveling or be a burden to carry/keep clean, and also, I had plenty of pipes at home already. Using rolling papers was the initial method, and anyone would agree it can be time consuming and inconvenient. I was forced to either finish the whole thing, or step on it to save for later, as my supply was burning too quickly. Let’s be honest, no one gets excited to light up an old j...we all deserve better.