Established in 2000, RYOT® designs and manufactures modern lifestyle accessories especially geared for our times. Made for smokers by smokers.

On Slyng since 2017


RYOT has been making big waves in the herb smoking community for more than two decades now. Their collection of herb accessories and equipment stand out among the competition thanks to their attention to detail and superior quality. They have improved the way we carry, preserve, and consume smokable products. RYOT has an in-depth understanding of the market and the people within it. That means they value discretion and privacy for everyone. This can be seen with their smell proof bags, compact one-hitters, and stylish herb grinders. RYOT is a modern company that makes modern products for modern smokers. These are professionals who know and enjoy what they are doing. Innovation drives many of their products and it allows them to position themselves as the best in the business. It doesn't matter if you're after a simple one-hitter, a case protector, or a sick pipe; you can rest assured that RYOT has you covered just as they have for the last twenty years.