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O2VAPE™ is a USA Veteran owned company and has been providing consumers with high quality portable vaping products since 2013. We are the ORIGINAL buttonless vape pen, making it the most mobile and discreet vaping product available to anyone. We have a no questions asked, no receipt, no further purchase necessary LIFETIME WARRANTY! Through the rapid growth of the vaporizer industry, hundreds of different vaping products have been made available on the market. So, why choose O2VAPE™? It is simple.

On Slyng since 2017


Need a great quality vape pen? O2 Vape has it. This veteran-owned company has been making amazing quality vape pens and accessories since 2013. O2 Vape makes sure that all of their products are easy to use, even for newer vapers. Their website says, “From our oil vape pens to our Dryonic™ vaporizers, our products have a simplistic design that makes them easy for anyone to use with minimal setup. Their small size makes it easy to take anywhere, and by emitting vapor, they won’t disturb those around you.” O2 Vape provides you with the most hands-on customer service along with a lifetime warranty on all their batteries. Their website says, “We have a no questions asked, no receipt, no further purchase necessary Lifetime Warranty!” O2 Vape offers everything you need to have the best vape kit around. You can purchase Elixers e-juice, wax pens, dry herb vaporizers, and even disposable vape pens. No matter what you need O2 Vape has it. Use the promo code “slyng20” at checkout to receive 20% OFF your entire order!