My Rolling Tray

My Rolling Tray is the ultimate store that sells rolling trays, stash boxes, dab mats and more! We make custom rolling trays that you can create with your own logo or picture on it!

On Slyng since 2020


Rolling trays are one of the best products to use to make sure you get all your ground up herbs in your bowl, cone or paper. However your preferred method is, a rolling tray is going to be an everyday carrying essential.

Custom Trays

People love to personalize their products and customize it. We now give you the ability to make different custom rolling trays with your favorite, design, picture, logo, or content on it

Pre-Made Trays

If you're not looking for a custom tray, you can look through our endless selection of pre-made rolling trays!. These are perfect if you find something we have that you like or if you want a gift for a friend really quick!