Welcome to Matriarch. We are vibes you can touch. Creativity Station. Free your creativity and unlock relaxation!

On Slyng since 2019


California has long had a rich culture in smoking and cultivation. While it’s always been seen as a counterculture habit, connoisseurs of the ritual know how it frees creativity and unlocks relaxation.

With the vision of transforming smoking from street culture into an elevated lifestyle, Matriarch marries obsessively detailed designs with experienced craftsmanship, to serve as a launching station for an intentional, meditated, and knowledged smoking experience.

With a diverse and close-knit team of life-long smokers and learning newbies, the Matriarch brand is considered and honest about our mission for this converging generation of consumers: experiencing smoking for its authentic essence - uninhibited creativity and gently balance, without the stigma and ridicule from days past.

Originally designed and expertly crafted, Matriarch serves each type of consumer with careful features and an equipped experience.