Lost Vape
We Are LOSTVAPE As the leading advanced personal vaporizer manufacturer
Lost Vape
We Are LOSTVAPE As the leading advanced personal vaporizer manufacturer


In 2014 a design and manufacturing enthusiast discovered the fascinating world of vaping, it
was then that Lost Vape was born, out of a dream to push boundaries and to take vaping to the next level.
With a true passion for craftsmanship and engineering, every product from Tan to the Orion
fuse together a set of unique visuals with technical characteristics for an exclusive product line.
“Action Secundum Fidei” (We act according to our beliefs) is the very essence of Lost Vapes
existence. We believe that every product we design is a unique embodiment of our identity and values to be shared with the community.
Our goal is to deliver an unprecedented user experience to every customer and to let our value shine through our products. Driven by our passion, we have evolved from trend-followers to trend-setters.
The only thing that remains unchanged is our devotion to our ideals, and to continue writing
history alongside those who support the Lost Vape family.

Back in 2014 vape industry was young and it was welcoming adventurous ones to bring a novelty and a new vision. Entrepreneur Rocky Guo was one of those who’s fascination by opportunities and perspectives offered by the industry pushed him to establish a new brand he called Lost Vape, that was initially designed to be unique. And here our journey begins.

With the idea of creating high-end vape products, we decided to utilize an existing device as a reference. Our choice fell on Axis box mod by Ante Meridiem. After some time we had to spend in experimenting with materials and design something sufficiently different from Axis was born. It was Tan box mod powered by YiHi chipset. The name was quite self-explanatory as “Tan” is Chinese for ebony. With ergonomic fire button on top of that and a cheaper price point, Tan was destined to succeed. This was something unprecedented – the product that was produced in China with a Chinese name on it was proved to be a high-end device made according to highest industry and manufacturing standards. It was an excellent starting point for the brand and moreover invaluable experience in design and manufacturing. Well received, it allowed us to move towards next projects with experience in our hands and a newborn fan base.

Our next device has become a breaking point for the brand as in pursuit of quality and performance, we have started cooperation with a renowned chipset manufacturer EVOLV. The first chipset we integrated into our device was DNA 40. This was a breakthrough as a high-quality build was backed by the solid performance of DNA chipset. TAN v2 design was complemented with a stainless steel plate that was inspired by Gepetto mods. Besides, Tan V2 was our first device equipped with 510 spring loaded connector that made it user-friendly.

We have always been dedicated to creating unique things. So the time has come to improvise with shapes and ergonomics. That’s how Esquare 40, first square shaped box mod on the market was born. Dual 18650 batteries and billet box inspired carbon fiber panels were main distinctive features of Esquare 40. Warmly met by the community for its size, form factor and material selection, Esquare 40 became an icon in a compact dual battery box mod segment.