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Kushy CBD

FEELING GOOD HAS NEVER TASTED BETTER!!! KushyCBD is an award-winning CBD and wellness brand based in Los Angeles, CA. Legal in all 50 states and made with 100% non-GMO hemp oil, our products meet the highest industry standards of consistency and quality.

Canoga Park, CA

On Slyng since 2018

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Kushy CBD, sister company of the infamous Kushy Punch is a top of the line CBD company that was first introduced through their CBD Gummies, now taking the leap into the CBD market they have made a name for themselves not only through their gummies but also their tinctures, CBD disposable vape pens, pure full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD gel capsules.

Using their unique approach of wellness, happiness, and positivity on all their CBD products has granted them a spot at the top of the CBD market since their launch.

Being innovative has been what has set Kushy Punch apart in the cannabis industry, now they have applied that same ideology to Kushy CBD and it is no wonder why they quickly became a CBD favorite.