iDab Glass

iDab Glass brings you a variety of both heady and scientific functional glass rigs, dropdowns, dabbers, carb caps, pipes bowls and slides glass pieces. iDab is a USA glass brand that uses high-quality German Schott Glass in every piece they make.

On Slyng since 2020


iDab Glass was formed in Orange County, California in 2012. All of the products are made completely in the United States, specifically in SoCal. This company is known for creating the most popular designs of glass rigs, pipes, dabbers, slides, carb caps, dropdowns, apparel, and accessories, etc. Every product is made from the best quality German Schott Glass and is known to be extremely durable, refined, and quite sought after. This particular type of glass has been used since the 1800s and is very reliable, beautiful, and very easy to clean. So, if you're looking for the very best glass items, then be sure to check out the iDab Glass products available on where you can find them for the most affordable prices online.