Higher Standards

Higher Standards grants connoisseurs the means they need for the most original smoking experience, from heavy-duty glass to premium products and maintenance products that ensure your glass offers you the best flavor every session.

On Slyng since 2017


Higher Standards was designed with the consumer in mind. Their premium products are meant to enhance the user's smoking experience. Created with carefully selected materials, they consistently deliver the best flavor. Higher Standards limited-edition collaborations such as Higher Standards x Blazer Big Shot Torch allowed them to set a new standard in the vaping world. Their line of handcrafted heavy-duty glass, exquisite maintenance tools, and exclusive product lines are built around the concept that flavor should always come first. Higher Standards hosts very well organized pop-up shops with an impressive amount of creativity in every product they offer. Thanks to their interactive retail environment, the Higher Standards pop-up shops entice their visitors into trying out products they would normally overlook. This immersive experience is designed to take your smoking expectations to the next level. This is a brand that truly raises the bar of their quality standards to a level that's very hard to match. You can check out Higher Standards glass products available on Slyng.com where you will find the best deals.