Highest-Quality Hemp. Profits for Human Rights.

On Slyng since 2022


Organically Grown
Before Goodekind was born, we were continually looking for quality hemp products that we trusted to give to our families, our pets, and ourselves. Now, we are able to dedicate our company to making hemp products that are organic, pesticide-free and made with minimal ingredients.

Consciously Sourced
We are a minority- and woman-owned business, and we strive to source from minority- and woman-owned farms and manufacturing facilities. We believe supporting marginalized business owners is an important step in establishing social equity within our industry.

Hemp For Human Rights
We stand with the American citizens who don’t have their basic human rights upheld, many of whom are from marginalized communities that have historically been pushed into the shadows of the American consciousness. Goodekind joins other advocates in elevating the voices of these communities and working to address injustices.