Eyce Molds

EYCE brings creativity and integrity to the silicon smokeware industry selling everything from silicon water pipes to bubblers has allowed them to find their niche. EYCE is known for not only its quality silicon pipes but also its unique designs.

Colorado Springs, CO

On Slyng since 2016


In Oregon, EYCE was launched in 2013 and operates as a family-owned business with two brothers at the helm. The market for smoking products is vast, and EYCE has pledged to create products that will be seen as useful and creative by consumers. "The flower products and concentrates that we make at Eyce are designed to provide users with an exceptional experience that will last." The silicon smoking pipes that EYCE creates really make them stand out among the competition. Durability is what EYCE had in mind when they first introduced the silicon smoking pipes, which is why they chose to use silicon. In the realm of smokeware, silicon smoking pipes have taken on a life of their own, becoming categorically separate from others. A Lifetime Warranty is provided by EYCE for all of their products, which is proof of how committed they are to providing their customers with the best products. Pipes like the Eyce Spoon, bongs like the Eyce Beaker, the Eyce Mold 2.0, and the Eyce Rig II are some of the most popular products offered by EYCE. Check out Slyng.com for great deals on EYCE products, which are highly durable and can give you an excellent smoking experience.