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CBD For The People

CBD For The People named themselves after their core mission: The People. Dedicated to offering all-natural unrefined CBD products at an affordable price, CBD For The People bridges the gap between patient and wellness. They believe every person should be able to grow this plant in their backyards, but these are confusing times. Until that day comes they are simple messengers giving the people a plant they will one day be able to grow. CBD For The People’s organic, high-dosage, chemical/preservative free products offer unrivaled results at a fraction of the cost. Every step from seed to shelf is carefully nurtured and tested to give The People quality they deserve at a price tag they can afford.

Irvine, CA

On Slyng since 2018

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We stand for QUALITY.
Full spectrum lab results at every step of extraction. Certified non-GMO and organic ingredients. Traceability from SEED to SHELF.Raw oil is super critical CO2 extracted, and decarboxylated. Tested 100% free of residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals to ensure product perfection.

Why is our pricing so affordable? Because CBD is not about huge profits, it’s FOR THE PEOPLE! Everyone should be able to grow this in their backyard, but we live in confusing times. So until that day comes, we aren’t here to make millions. We are here to put CBD into the hands of those who need it most, but can’t afford it. It’s about time someone offered a HIGH milligram, quality, lab-tested CBD product with an easy price tag.

We stand for THE PEOPLE.
We take care of the people FIRST, and the people take care of our business. We work hard to offer a top shelf quality product at an affordable price. CBD is, and has always been for the people.Remember to smile, love your life, and live every moment to the fullest! We hope our CBD can help you do that in some way!