Boulder Creek Infusions

On Slyng since 2020


As many of you all know.There are over 100 botanical compounds that are found within the hemp plant, each with its own unique set of benefits. Desired effects come not only from cannabinoids like CBD and THC, but also the delicate synergies of these compounds working together. This phenomenon is referred to as “full-spectrum,” “whole-plant” or the “entourage effect.”

Most large extractors break the plant down into isolate powder through a highly complex process using harsh solvents like ethanol, butane, propane, and isopropyl alcohol. Solvent extraction literally isolates compounds, destroying the plant’s natural synergistic spectrum while leaving traces of solvent behind.

Here at Boulder Creek Infusions, we use a very simple process to extract its premium CBD oil. By gently infusing sungrown hemp in coconut oil, we protect all the botanicals and delicate synergies from the original plant. And just like fresh-squeezed orange juice, the less processing, the better the results.