Straight Tube Bongs

Straight tube bongs are indeed straight and shoot hard. The straight bong is a classic bong style that every cannabis enthusiast should have. With the most direct hits, this OG bong pulls easy and is easy

Why Are Straight Tube Bongs Popular?

Straight tube bongs are popular because they are one of the most original bong styles many herb smokers love. In fact, many first time hits were pulled from straight bongs. They may not be the fanciest or serve up the most flavorful, aromatic hits, but these bongs hit hard and are affordable.

There are also not many gadgets associated with the straight bong. But they are very durable and reliable. The thick glass tubes and sturdy base are a nod to smoking product craftsmanship. 

Another reason why straight tube bongs remain so popular is the variety, style, and features they serve up. For instance, you can choose from a number of percolator variations with a straight bong. And you can use a straight tube for smoking concentrate wax. Versatility at its best.

What Are The Benefits Of Smoking With A Straight Bong?

One of the most enjoyed benefits of smoking with a straight bong is the direct hit. And with that superb direct hit, you get a flavorful impact. This is because the smoke doesn’t hang in the chamber for a long period. It simply goes straight up the tube and out. This is the most obvious benefit, but there are more benefits to consider. 

Benefits of smoking with a straight bong are:

  • Super easy pull. Due to the straight nature of this OG smoking device, each pull is easy, which is great for the lazy or impatient cannabis smoker.
  • Did someone say perc? Straight tube bongs have percs that use tiny holes for that bubbling effect that filters smoke. This helps deliver straight, clean, and smooth hits.
  • No wait time. A fun benefit of using a straight bong is that you get lifted faster. This is because of the very direct and strong bong hits that are easily pulled every time.
  • Cleaning is easy. When it comes to smoking a bong, cleaning and maintenance can be a pain. But with straight bongs, you cut clean with ease.

Do Straight Bongs Get Dirty Faster?

While on the topic of cleaning, one common question is, “Do straight bongs get dirty faster?” Not really. Every bong gets dirty, from silicone bongs to acrylic bongs, the reality of smoking from a bong is that it will get dirty. 

It’s up to you to clean and maintain your bong for the best performance and clean hits. There are bong cleaning tips and tricks you can employ to make cleaning easier, but when it comes to straight bongs, cleaning is pretty easy.

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