what are terp pearls

What are terp pearls is a question every modern dabber can answer in a heartbeat. But this article is for those completely unfamiliar with terp pearls, or those who have heard about this cool dab rig component but want to learn more.

Terp pearls are quickly becoming an integral part of every avid dabber’s kit and the wider dabbing world is fast recognizing their utility. A dab is a wax-like substance extracted from cannabis plants using butane or ethanol heated at the desired temperature to create a high. Dabbing is a relatively novel mechanism of consuming high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main psychotropic component of cannabis.

The effect of smoking a dab is already considerably stronger than smoking an ordinary doobie or using a regular bong. But what many don’t realize is that dabbing can be further enhanced with a combination of the right carb cap and the right (type and number of) terp pearls.

This article will look more closely at what terp pearls are, how they are used, the different types, and how does the terp pearl work.

What are Terp Pearls
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What is a Terp Pearl?

Terp pearls are small, marble-like spheres placed inside the banger that…wait, what is a banger? A banger is a glass compartment or bowl with a short glass tube usually curved at about 90 degrees that creates and conveys vaporized cannabis concentrate.

The banger is a key component of dab rigs and bongs. It is where users place carb caps to…now, what are carb caps? A carb cap is a dab tool dabbers use for better heat retention and vape stream. It is sort of a glass lid placed over the banger to better distribute heat. Like terp pearls, there are many different types of carb caps for various effects, including:

  • Vortex carb caps (also known as a spinning carb cap)- vortex carb caps makes the vapor spiral as you inhale it
  • Directional carb caps – can shift the air passage to maximize oil vaporization
  • Trunk carb caps – plain-looking cap but excellent for low-temperature dabs

To cut a long story short – bangers in combination with a specific carb cap help facilitate the vape flow, preserve optimal temperature, and create better flavor. Add the banger pearls into the mix and you have optimal flavor delivery at low temp dabbing.

Why Do I Need Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls are known by many names: dab beads, banger beads, dab balls, or dab pearls. They are small, often sphere beads placed inside the quartz banger. They are most often made from quartz, borosilicate glass, ceramic, or silicon carbide but there can also be sapphire or even ruby pearls.

The effect terp balls create is similar, though the heat resistance of terp pearls can vary depending on the material the small balls are made from. The size of dab beads can also add to the overall effect of dabbing. Below we look separately at the main benefits dabbers enjoy from using terp pearls.

Dab Pearls Enhance Heat Retention and Distribution

Terp pearls are multifunctional, and one of their main benefits is retaining and evenly distributing heat in the quartz banger. This allows dabbers to blaze low temp dabs and still get optimal use of their cannabis concentrate.

Dab Pearls Vaporize Leftover Residue

Unless always lighting high temp dabs, residue will likely accumulate in the banger over time and with excessive usage. This is where dab beads work their magic. The small terp balls help the banger heat evenly by rapidly revolving inside it, vaporizing any gooey residue left in parts or on the entire surface area of the banger. Terp pearls distribute heat over the surface of the banger, allowing users to heat low temp dabs and still vaporize every last drop of wax at an ideal temperature.

Banger Beads Retain the Flavor

Users value low-temperature dabs as they usually generate more flavor. But low-temperature dabs without terp pearls can also lead to the accumulation of dab residue. So, instead of overheating your quartz banger, simply add dab pearls inside it. As you toke on the carb cap, the beads will start to spin rapidly, and the even dispersal of heat and wax will keep both the cannabis extract’s taste and scent (or terpene).

What are Terp Pearls?
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How to Clean a Terp Bead

Cleaning your terp pearls is imperative to leverage their maximum benefit and make them last longer.

Here are a few basic steps on how to properly clean your terp pearls:

  • Step 1: After you’re done dabbing, wait for the dab rig to cool for a moment.
  • Step 2: Carefully remove and place each terp pearl from the banger using tweezers
  • Step 3: To perform a deeper clean, place the pearls in isopropyl alcohol or a similar solution for about a half-hour.
  • Step 4: Remove the pearls and wipe them clean of any black reside using a cotton swab or piece of cloth
  • Step 5: Make sure to have your nail, banger, and torch cleaned with a q tip or another piece of cloth

This, or a similar cleaning process, should be performed after every smoking session.

Note, do not put the terp pearls in any alcoholic or flammable solution while they are still hot.

How to Use 3 mm Terp Pearls

Using terp pearls seems straightforward at first, but you still need to know the main steps to achieve optimal flavor delivery.

Know your Terp Pearls’ Heat Resistance

All terp pearls are heat resistant, but some are resistant to more heat than others. Make sure you know the limits of your terp pearls before torching.

Know When to Insert Your Banger Beads

You can add your terp pearls either before or after you heat the banger. It is preferable to add them before you heat the banger. After you heat the banger with the pearls inside, let it cool for a moment until it reaches the desired temperature.

Once the temperature is ideal, remove some of the cannabis concentrates from your nonstick container and insert them into the banger. Once inside, cover the banger with your carb cap and inhale.

How Many Dab Beads Should You Add?

It is important that you do not pack your banger with too many pearls as they may not spin or spin irregularly and not deliver the desired effect. Depending on their size, you can place one or several. If they are 3mm terp pearls, you can place 3 or more, though 2 is usually the recommended number.

What are Terp Pearls?
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Different Types of Terp Pearls

Dab beads come in various sizes and designs ranging from 3mm terp pearls to up to 9mm terp pearls. Ruby, quartz, silicon carbide, and borosilicate are the four most common materials of terp pearls. What type of material banger bead you need depends on how much heat you use during dabbing as terp pearls have different attributes based on the material they are made of. It is also a matter of personal taste.

Ruby pearls

Ruby terp pearls have superior heat retention and are among the most resistant and overall best terp pearls on the market. They deliver the best flavor and are excellent for heat distribution. Despite their thermal shock resistance, ruby terp pearls may

Quartz pearls

Quartz pearls are not as effective heat conductors as ruby pearls but are the most common option for most dabbers. They preserve the taste nicely, though are not as heat-resistant as ruby or silicon carbide pears.

Borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass is much more heat resistant than ordinary glass, which is why borosilicate glass pearls make a great dabbing accessory. However, borosilicate glass is not as resistant to retaining high temperatures for long and may change shape or crack under intense heat.

Silicon carbide beads

Silicon carbide (SIC) beads resemble black pearls and, like their ruby counterparts, have a high level of thermal shock resistance and facilitate heat distribution better than most beads.

Final Thoughts on Terp Pearls

Terp pearls provide avid dabbers with advantages no other dabbing accessory or utensil provides. The even distribution and retention of heat brings out the concentrate’s best flavor, alongside covering all cold spots inside the banger where cannabis concentrate might have accumulated.

But you need to look after and regularly clean your pearls to enjoy their full benefits. Different material terp pearls can have different properties. Ruby and SIC pearls are among the best pearls for heat retention and distribution, though quartz beads are most commonly used.

You must also mind the number of pearls you use, which largely depends on the material the beads are made from and their size. If you use, for instance, smaller, 3mm terp pearls, you may place two, three, or several more terp pearls inside the banger without disrupting their spin movement.

Not all carb caps may work with specific terp pearls. Be sure to use terp pearls with a proper carb cap like a vortex carb cap or a quartz cyclone cap to get the pearls spinning.

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